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Crystal clear water, soft white sand, and lush backdrops are just some of the characteristics of the St John island beaches. St John might not be the largest island in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), but according to many, it's the prettiest. Less-developed than the other main islands of St Thomas and St Croix, St John is a mostly pristine destination. Half of the island has been designated as a U.S. National Park, and some of the top St John beaches are found within the park's boundaries. This is a splendid place to get away from it all, even being considered by some to be the most tranquil Caribbean island around. Should you come here seeking relaxation, fun in the sun, and beautiful Caribbean vistas, you'll surely be on the right track. Head to one of the spectacular St John USVI beaches, and you'll see firsthand why they consistently receive top billing among the world's best.

Along St John's rocky coastline are a series of picturesque bays, and these bays are home to many a beautiful crescent-shaped beach. Trunk Bay Beach is just one such beach, and according to many, it's the island's best. About the only downside to Trunk Bay Beach is that the National Park Service charges an entrance fee. However, the fee isn't a hefty one, and once you see the stunning views here, you likely won't mind spending a few bucks to "get in". None of the other St John Island beaches charge an admission fee, and you'd have to think that at Trunk Bay, some of the money goes towards protecting the impressive snorkeling trail and the coral reef found just offshore. To the east of Trunk Bay, you'll find two more top rated St John beaches, and if you like to camp, both should be on your list of considerations. At Cinnamon Bay, you can rent a tent or a bungalow either near the beach or in the woods, and quiet Maho Bay features an ecologically conscious campground with some interesting accommodations options of its own.

To the west of Trunk Bay is where you'll find Hawknest Bay, and the lovely beaches here are good for those seeking some seclusion. It's quieter at Hawknest Bay than it is at Trunk Bay, and there is a reef here to explore as well. Like most St John island beaches, Hawknest has changing facilities and bathrooms available for public use. As a side note, if you have mobility issues, Hawknest Bay might be the best St John beach for you. Unlike some of the St John beaches, Hawknest Bay is very easy to access. After you get here, it's a short walk through soaring palm trees to the sand. If you want to stay at a nice resort while enjoying one or more of the St John USVI beaches, than Caneel Bay might suit your fancy. The Caneel Bay Resort is a Caribbean gem, and it just so happens to be situated on some of the more attractive Caribbean beaches. It's a bit more costly at Caneel Bay, especially if you are seeking refreshments or a bite to eat, but the upscale environment promises a certain level of exclusivity, which is nice to enjoy. Great Cruz Bay offers a like experience, and it's where you'll find the luxurious Westin Hotel.

If you are looking for St John Island beaches that offer less in the way of amenities and more in the way of seclusion, then you might do what you can to get to Leinster Bay, where there's usually no more than a few folks taking advantage of the world-class snorkeling. The beaches aren't maintained at Leinster Bay, but there are basic changing facilities available if you should need them. Perhaps while visiting Leinster Bay, you will take interest in a side tour of the nearby Annaberg Plantation Ruins, which provide insight into the island's history. Should you snorkel here, which is pretty much a must, you'll be treated to some dramatic coral, that's for sure. You can snorkel all the way around the bend to the small island of Waterlemon Cay if you please, which makes for a wonderful little adventure. Salt Pond Bay also offers seclusion and great snorkeling, but it's rather hard to reach the beach here, so it's not for everybody. You might see wild goats while trekking down to the beach, and if you're really up for a hike, then you might entertain the notion of hitting the 2.2 mile trail to Ram's Head Point.

The St John USVI beaches certainly offer an array of settings to choose from. We've only discussed some of them in this article, and there are certainly more to consider. Regardless of which one you choose, you're bound to be impressed. In fact, chances are good that after a visit to one of the St John beaches, you'll quickly be planning a return trip. Don't forget to pack sunblock, a beach towel, and a bathing suit when heading to St John. The beaches here are always calling, and most visitors heed those calls, making the St John beaches a top US VI tourism asset.

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