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The only of the U.S. Virgin Islands that isn"t completely built out, St. John is the atmospheric alternative to its sister islands. Despite long fingers of sand all across the island, on St John there are few beach front villas and even fewer of the hotel variety. You will find only two luxury resorts and a handful of luxury hotels. What the island does have is a large number of St John villas up in the hills, many of them tucked away between Cruz Bay and Coral Bay on the southern shore. The former is the closest thing you have to a busy metropolis, thus it has quite a few accommodations available – mostly condos and some of the many sparse St John hotels that you"ll find on the island. Campgrounds are here for the true nature lovers - Cinnamon Bay and Maho Bay are the most popular. The former is in the center of Virgin Islands National Park and the latter is to the north.

You might wonder why all the best St John villas are along the southern coast while all the best beaches rest on the north - but they are a mere 20 minute car ride away. Consequently, many St John hotels have made deals with car rental companies, and you can purchase them in a package to cut costs. For everyone else, taxis are infrequent but will get the job done. Cruz Bay is home to the Coconut Coast Villas and Serendip - not luxury hotels by any means, but fine examples of St. John villas all the same. Located in residential areas, these are quite a hike from the beach, so be prepared to rent a car.

While St John hotels are often times akin to your first post-collegiate apartment (though likely with a better view), there are a few cottages and inns that are well equipped to deal with even the pickiest of travelers. The Estate Zootenvaal is hard to spell but easy to get used to - located far away from absolutely everything, you are free to see how much peace and quiet you are actually able to take. Distances on the island shrink when you"ve got a rental car, but even then this is as far away from anything resembling civilization as you can get while staying at a St John hotel. Eco-lodges and the abundant campgrounds are the only thing around where you can get as close to nature.

Since the island shuns many of the tourist-driven resorts that are ubiquitous on other islands, those looking for supreme lodgings will be at a loss. There are hardly any St John luxury hotels and even fewer St John beach front villas. Because the island is less beach-oriented, sometimes you might forget that you are in the Caribbean. But a drive down any stretch of road will quickly remind you that a beach is never too far off. Don"t you worry about that.

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