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The island of St Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands has scores of excellent beaches to choose from, so finding the right one for your tastes and preferences shouldn't be a problem. You'll find that the entire island is pretty much ringed with beaches, so heading to one or many shouldn't be an issue, especially if you rent a car. The beaches in St Thomas are known mostly for their calm, blue-green waters and their wonderful white sand, but there's more to many of them than just that. If you want to enjoy fun in the sun on your next vacation, then the beautiful St Thomas beaches are beckoning.

It helps to mention that National Geographic highly regards the island of St Thomas for it's sailing, fishing, and scuba diving possibilities. In other words, there's plenty more to do at the beaches in St Thomas than just swimming and sunbathing. At Magens Bay Beach, which many consider to be the island's best sandy stretch, the snorkeling is great, as it is as Coki Beach, which is another top St Thomas beach entry. You can easily rent a mask and a snorkel at both beaches and simply wade on in for a glimpse at coral reefs and colorful tropical fish. Bolongo Bay Beach might not be as ideal as Magens Bay and Coki for snorkeling, since there is no reef to explore, but it's still fun nonetheless. The waters found at the beaches in St Thomas are crystal clear, so wherever you decide to submerge yourself for a look, you're bound to see some interesting things. These three beaches are covered in their own articles in this guide so you can certainly read more about them if you please.

It's important to note that some of the St Thomas beaches are attached to resorts, so you can choose to visit one that does if you are looking to stay the night. Bolongo Bay Beach is one such beach, as is Bluebeard's Beach. Bluebeard's Beach was formerly known as Limetree Beach, and it's home to the Bluebeards Beach Club, which is both a hotel and a time share property. If you choose to visit a St Thomas beach with a resort, you'll probably be able to enjoy some of the resort amenities, such as chair rentals and watersports equipment rentals. However, it's always best to stay at the resort itself if you really want to take advantage of the amenities, especially since many are complimentary to guests. Most of the beaches in St Thomas, if not all of them, are ideal for families, which is nice. At the aforementioned Coki Beach, you'll find the Coral World Ocean Park close by, where kids ages 1-100 can view marine life and interesting marine-related exhibits. As such, many visitors to Coki Beach pair the beach experience with the Coral World experience, which makes for plenty of family fun.

Lindbergh Bay is just another one of the St Thomas public beaches that you might want to visit, though again, since there are many to choose from, it's really up to you. Lindbergh Bay is close to the island's airport, so you will likely hear planes taking off and landing, but that's of little concern to most. This delightful St Thomas beach offers several hotels to choose from, which is one of its biggest advantages. If snorkeling is on your agenda, then you might skip Lindbergh Bay, as it is not very ideal for the sport. There is a dive center at the beach, however, so you can certainly arrange fun scuba diving excursions. Restaurants, bars, and restroom facilities are also available. This is true of most of the "signature" beaches in St Thomas, so you can generally expect to find a place to change, eat, or use the restroom. Sapphire Beach is just another one of the nice beaches in St Thomas to consider. There is a watersports booth here where you can nab a kayak, a windsurfer, or a jet ski, and if you think you want to try parasailing, you can do it here too. The Sapphire Beach Resort provides nice accommodations if you want to stay at Sapphire Beach, and there are also vacation rentals available primarily in the way of condos.

You'll generally find that the St Thomas beaches are less populated on the weekdays, which isn't hard to understand. So, if you want your beach experience here to be as quiet as possible, you'll avoid the weekends. Such is the case with Hull Bay Beach, which is only lightly used during the week by locals and fisherman. There's also a dive shop at Hull Bay, and it's off-the-beaten-path location helps to make it only more attractive to some. As mentioned, there are St Thomas beaches to fit all needs. Magens Bay, Coki Beach, and Bolongo Bay might consistently get named as some of the best St Thomas beaches, but you'll just have to visit a bunch of them and decide for yourself!

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