St Thomas Skyride to Paradise Point

Flag Hill skirts the cityscape of Charlotte Amelie. It barely registers until you see a strange shape cruising towards its summit. That strange shape is the St. Thomas skyride, a mobile tram lifting passengers 700 feet above the city. Final destination: Paradise Point. With rides leaving every seven minutes, you hardly have to wait in line (assuming a cruise ship didn't just let out). With views like the ones you'll find at Paradise Point, you should be grateful that you don"t have to wait hours.

The ascent is over fairly quick. One of the most popular tours in St. Thomas, there are signs all over Charlotte Amalie telling you to "ride the view." And quite a view it is - you head towards the clouds, watching the cool blue waves in the distance, the busy harbor below. But what you find at the top of Flag Hill is really the best part.

Paradise Point is definitely a significant part of many of the citywide tours in St Thomas. For anyone who likes panoramic views and about a million photo opportunities, this point lives up to its name. For anyone who likes birds, it might be even better. Sure, the St. Thomas skyride isn't going to take you into a nature reserve to see them in the wild – but you will get to see some trained ones up close. Cockatoos, macaws and canaries are on hand, doing anything from piecing together puzzles, playing basketball or driving a tiny electric jeep. It's all part of the show for the most unique of St. Thomas tours.

There are several nature trails that originate at Paradise Point. You can surround yourself with the island's immense plant life before grabbing a table at the scenic Paradise Point restaurant. Grabbing dinner or a couple of drinks on the outdoor patios is one of the definite highlights of the St. Thomas skyride. Relax in the warm glow of the setting sun or take a break in the middle of the hot afternoon. If you are really in love with the spot, you can rent out the entire place for a private party. If you do, I'm sure the birds will do something extra special for you. Macaws are like that.

As you could probably guess, the skyride is considered one of the most romantic tours in St Thomas. Thus, it offers lucky (and wealthy) couples the chance to tie the knot overlooking the unbelievable Caribbean island. A great way to have guaranteed perfection in your wedding photos.

But even if you can't afford a wedding or a private party here, the ride itself is less than $20 and you can spend as much time at the summit as you like, making the skyride to Paradise Point a staple of anyone interested in St. Thomas tourism. Located conveniently - just a few yards from the busy docks in the harbor - you should have no problem entering paradise.

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