Things To Do In The US Virgin Islands

A United States Virgin Islands (USVI) vacation can certainly be filled with plenty of interesting things to do. The beaches here alone are enough to justify the trip, and it doesn't hurt that the weather is excellent year-round. Besides deciding when to go and securing your airfare, choosing things to do in the US Virgin Islands will be a primary concern. Thankfully, the US Virgin Islands sights and attractions present a healthy array of possibilities, so mixing a bunch of interesting pursuits into your overall itinerary is always a possibility. Covered here are some of the top suggestions for things to do in the US Virgin Islands.

Scuba Diving

While relaxing on the St Thomas beaches, St Croix beaches, and St John beaches is enviable enough, it's just one of the ways to enjoy stunning Virgin Islands views. All of the main islands here have idyllic beaches, and they are simply breathtaking. However, some of the best US Virgin Islands sights can be found beneath the ocean's surface, and scuba diving is the best way to see them. You can always go snorkeling if you prefer, but snorkeling generally can't compete with scuba diving. Plus, lots of resorts here offer dive shops and dive training and certification courses, so even beginners can embrace the sport.

Buck Island Reef National Monument

When it comes to recommending US Virgin Islands attractions, Buck Island certainly deserves mention. Found just a mile from the northeast coast of St Croix, Buck Island is a hugely popular destination for USVI day trips. The Buck Island Reef National Monument consists of the island and the coral reefs found in its area waters, and both the snorkeling and scuba diving here are about as good as it gets. Also, the island is home to some pretty enticing hiking trails, so you might interest yourself in a trek. Perhaps you will prefer lunch on the beach after exploring the famous underwater snorkeling trail here. Book one of the tours or charter boats to Buck Island, and you won't be sorry.

Virgin Islands National Park

The USVI island of St John is the least developed of the three main islands. Covering some 12,600 acres of St John is the Virgin Islands National Park, which is certainly one of the top US Virgin Islands attractions. There are more than 20 miles of nature trails in the park, and it's beaches, hills, and valleys present a most picturesque setting. Two of the beaches here, Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay, are among the most highly-touted St John beaches, and there is a campground here if you want to camp. Be sure to enlist the help of a park ranger if you want help arranging an ideal Virgin Islands National Park visit.

Cruzan Rum Distillery

When looking for fun things to do in the US Virgin Islands, you might consider visiting this interesting rum factory on St Croix island. The Cruzan Rums are known worldwide for their quality, and during your time here, you can not only see how the factory makes rum, but you can also enjoy some tastings. Also, the barrel makers here adhere to traditional barrel-making practices, which is neat to watch. Among the highlights here is the old windmill, which gives insight into the plantation-related history of the US Virgin Islands.


The US Virgin Islands are the top shopping destination in all the Caribbean, so if you enjoy shopping, you'll love this island territory. Shopping is one of the things to do in the US Virgin Islands that can be enjoyed on all of the three main islands. St Thomas and St Croix offer more shops than St John does, but you can still find some interesting goods in St John. The capital city of Charlotte Amalie, which is found on St Thomas island, is one of the best places to go shopping in the region. Duty-free bargains are aplenty in the US Virgin Islands, and there is no sales tax here, which means that finding a great bargain, or bargains, is usually part of the deal.

Caneel Bay

Caneel Bay, which is found within the boundaries of the aforementioned Virgin Islands National Park, is where you will find the Caribbean's first eco-resort. Sort of a luxury adult "summer camp" for most of its life, the Caneel Bay Resort now allows children, though it might not be ideal if the kids aren't used to leaving artificial entertainment behind. There are no televisions or phones in the guest rooms here, as the idea is to enjoy the US Virgin Islands sights in the area. Eleven tennis courts, a dive shop, and four restaurants are just some of the amenities that Caneel Bay offers its fortunate guests.


Golf is a great idea for things to do in the US Virgin Islands, so if you enjoy playing, you will want to consider the courses found here. The St Croix golf scene is the territory's best, as you will find two 18-hole courses on the island that beg to be played. On St Thomas island, you will find another 18-hole course, and these courses aren't shabby either. In fact, one might argue that some of the best US Virgin Islands sights can be enjoyed from many a USVI tee box. If your round isn't going well, you can always enjoy stunning ocean views in the near distance.

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