Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is one of those tropical beaches that simply takes your breath away. Though it's considered to be one of the St Croix USVI beaches, it's actually found on nearby Buck Island. Much like Trunk Bay Beach on the island of St John, Turtle Beach is famous for its snorkeling trails, which allow visitors to easily access reefs that teem with coral and tropical fish. It's easy to get from St Croix to Buck Island, as an array of vessels are available to take you there from Christiansted, and it's always worth it to make the trip if possible.

It's certainly recommended by most that you at least make a half-day trip to Buck Island if you are staying on nearby St Croix. On your Turtle Beach St Croix trip, you will be rewarded with crystal clear waters and amazing white sand upon arrival, and since Turtle Beach is just about a mile from the northeast coast of St Croix, the trip won't take very long. You might opt to go by way of a sloop or a glass-bottom boat. Others might prefer to hop aboard a motorized party boat or a trimaran. You can even take a kayak! It really depends on your personal taste and preference, so you can choose the right vessel accordingly.

Some folks prefer to get to Buck Island's Turtle Beach by way of one of the reputable charter companies that arrange trips, and these companies generally supply snorkeling equipment for guests, as well as guided snorkeling tours. You can usually expect to have at least 1-2 hours to go swimming and snorkeling at Turtle Beach before it's time to head back to St Croix if you arrange a charter. There are both full and half-day charters available. Some of the charters offer guests a barbecued lunch once you get to Turtle Beach, which is a nice treat, especially since there is nowhere to eat on Buck Island. Other charters might offer a box lunch or something similar. Unfortunately, there are no Turtle Beach villas, hotels, or campgrounds, so your best bet for accommodations close by are the St Croix hotels on the northeast coast.

The underwater views are part of why so many choose to arrange Turtle Beach St Croix expeditions. Though the Caribbean is known to have plenty of great diving and snorkeling sites throughout, few can match the beauty found just off Buck Island's famous beach. The Turtle Beach St Croix underwater snorkeling trail has limited capacity, so it's often important to reserve your trip in advance so you don't miss out, especially if you only have one day to spend at Buck Island. If you prefer to arrange a Turtle Beach St Croix scuba diving trip, you can do that as well, and besides seeing coral reefs, you can also explore grottoes and intriguing labyrinths. Since Buck Island is a National Monument, it is protected by the National Parks system. Strides are taken to maintain the ecological integrity of the island and its reefs, which is why tourist capacity is limited.

Like all the St Croix USVI beaches, Turtle Beach offers a nice slice of paradise. As if the beach itself and the snorkeling weren't fantastic enough at Turtle Beach, there are also alluring hiking trails that meander about the island. You can even hike to the highest point on Buck Island to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view that includes nearby St Croix. Just look out for the poisonous manchineel trees if hiking on the island's western edge. Other than that, remember your sunblock, perhaps nab a hat, and you'll be good to go. There are restrooms and changing rooms available at most St Croix USVI beaches, and Turtle Beach offers them to visitors. If you want to enjoy a picnic, there are barbecue pits and picnic tables at the beach as well.

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