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When planning a United States Virgin Islands (USVI) vacation, choosing the right US Virgin Islands accommodation option for you and your group will be one of the key considerations. The US Virgin Islands hotels offer quite a bit in the way of variety, so finding lodging to fit your wants and needs should not be a big problem. Resorts are among the most popular US Virgin Islands accommodation choices, not only because most are found on an idyllic beach, but also because they offer guests a full array of activities and services to enjoy. If you can't swing a stay at one of the USVI resorts, which are relatively expensive, there are cheaper US Virgin Islands hotels to choose from. If there is room in the budget, the hotels here can get quite luxurious, providing a high level of comfort and convenience.

As far as classifications go for US Virgin Islands hotels, the descriptions can be a bit misleading at times. Sometimes, a hotel will misuse terms like "deluxe" and "first-class", offering what is more akin to standard or basic instead. Also, even if you are staying at the ritziest of US Virgin Islands hotels, the service can be a little slower than what you might expect back home. Caribbean time is a bit slower than time in more hectic parts of the world, so you will just have to adjust your inner clock a bit and you'll be fine. Hotel amenities in the US Virgin Islands can vary quite a bit, so if you have something in mind when it comes to the US Virgin Islands hotels, you will certainly want to entertain the idea of comparing and contrasting a few different properties. When booking a room at one of the larger and more upscale hotels or resorts, you will most likely enjoy a beachfront location, not to mention a large on-site swimming pool, and those are just a few reasons to consider them.

For budget travelers, hostels aren't readily available among the US Virgin Islands accommodation options. Instead, you might look to save money by staying at a guesthouse. Many Caribbean natives stay at guesthouses themselves when traveling in the Caribbean, and though they might be relatively low on amenities, you simply can't beat the value. Guesthouses are privately owned, and many are comfortable by most people's standards, offering private bathrooms, which is a nice bonus at a discount establishment. Ceiling fans are usually standard at the US Virgin Islands guesthouses, and sometimes air-conditioning is even available. Some even have swimming pools. When saving money by staying at a discount USVI hotel, you can often pay a bit extra to use the facilities of one of the larger resorts or hotels nearby, which can be a good idea for at least one day. The top USVI hotels and resorts also boast great restaurants on average, so you might also make reservations at one for a meal even if you are not staying there as a guest.

All inclusive hotels in US Virgin Islands are also something to think about when you are looking for interesting US Virgin Islands accommodation possibilities. The all inclusive hotels in US Virgin Islands are mostly of the resort variety, so you can bank on the fact that getting bored probably won't be an option when going the all inclusive route. Certain activities at the all inclusive hotels in US Virgin Islands will cost extra, but included in your one-time fee are various watersports equipment rentals, as well as beach chair and beach towel rentals. This is also common for guests at the resorts who don't go the all inclusive route. Complimentary activities can include tennis, snorkeling, and even rum tasting, among many others. Whether you choose a charming inn, decide to go the all inclusive hotels in US Virgin Islands route, or stay at a lower-priced hotel or guesthouse, you are bound to have an amazing US Virgin Islands vacation regardless. With attractions like Buck Island and the Annaberg Plantation, the US Virgin Islands entices its visitors to get outside, so the level of amenities in your hotel room can be somewhat obsolete. As a side note, villas and other vacation rentals are also available in the US Virgin Islands, and they offer a nice alternative to the hotel experience if you are looking for a change.

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