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When considering which US Virgin Islands accommodations to pick, you might take some extra time to look into US Virgin Islands villa rentals. Villas in the US Virgin Islands basically fall into the category of vacation rentals. They tend to be more spacious and amenity-filled than say condos or apartments, and since some can accommodate a dozen or more people, they are ideal for families or groups who want not only extra space and privacy, but also added comfort. When deciding which USVI villas to book, you might consider which island appeals to you most and then go from there. Depending on how much you have to spend, you can rent an extra-luxurious villa, or opt for a more basic one. The choices are good across the board, so finding the right villas in the US Virgin Islands for your wants and needs should be no problem.

Various agencies that specialize in Virgin Islands villa rentals can help you narrow down your choices for a fantastic home away from home. You might also choose to inquire with a local tourist office once you arrive, as they can help you as well. It's always a good idea to book US Virgin Island villas in advance, especially during the peak season, which is basically mid-December to mid-April. Many visitors to the US Virgin Islands will look first to the USVI villas that are on or near a beach, which is quite understandable. The Virgin Islands beaches are certainly among the top attractions in the area, and if your villa isn't right on the beach, chances are good it will at least boast enviable ocean views. It's customary for Virgin Islands villa rentals to have a private pool, a fully-equipped kitchen, a number of bedrooms, and of course, air-conditioning. Some can rent for up to $15,000 a week or more, so things can get quite posh if that's what you are ultimately after.

As mentioned before, choosing the right island is something to consider when booking USVI villas. All of the main islands in the US Virgin Islands are quite spectacular, each boasting plenty of interesting attractions, so you can hardly go wrong with any of them. Maybe you will be up for some St Croix golf when booking a villa, so staying on St Croix island will suit your fancy. If you like nature and a greater feeling of seclusion, lovely St John is ideal. St Thomas is the busiest of the three main islands, and it offers an 18-hole golf course, great St Thomas beaches like Magens Bay, and some interesting shopping and dining opportunities. Once you choose the right island and villa for your USVI getaway, renting a car is the next thing you might consider. Many USVI villas are found off on their own, so unless you decide to book a more basic villa at one of the resorts, you will probably find that having a car is quite sensible.

For those interested in luxury villas in the US Virgin Islands, the choices are quite abundant. On the island of St Croix, you might find a villa that accommodates from 2 to 12 people and decide to go with that. Even if you are just a couple, it can be delightful to enjoy a large and luxurious villa with its own beautifully landscaped grounds. If you are planning a USVI wedding, staying in a privately-owned villa can be the best fit for your honeymoon. You will truly enjoy a high level of privacy, which newly married couples will no doubt appreciate. Near Cane Bay on St Croix island, one of the villas offers proximity to the beautiful Cane Bay Beach, which is known for its world-class scuba diving. A championship, 18-hole golf course is just a 10 minute drive away, and since the villa sits on 1.3 acres of land, you can certainly enjoy an elevated level of privacy. Three bedrooms and four baths are part of the plan at this example for Villas in the US Virgin Islands, and the pool offers views of the Caribbean Sea. Quite a long list of amenities helps to make the luxury villas in the Virgin Islands great lodging choices, and this offering is no different.

Over on the island of St John, a number of great USVI villas offer a top vacation experience. Boasting awesome views of Rendezvous Bay, one St John villa offers a huge swimming pool with a custom-made, poolside bar. Recently renovated, it's five bedrooms are all cozy and comfortable, and you can hardly find fault with the marble floored kitchen. Over on St Thomas island, 2-10 bedroom villas can be rented near Magens Bay, so you can certainly choose one to fit your group's needs. Like most US Virgin Island villas, those at Magens Bay offer daily maid service, and you can even arrange for a chef to come to the villa if you are up for enjoying a gourmet meal. As is also customary of villas in the US Virgin Islands, those found near Magens Bay offer CD/DVD players, barbecue grills, separate living spaces, and a wonderful terrace or deck. USVI villas are basically vacation rentals with that little bit extra, so if a cottage, apartment, or condo just isn't going to cut it for your Virgin Islands vacation, then you can always opt for a larger and more luxurious villa.

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