Water Island USVI

At some 500 acres in size, Water Island is the fourth-largest of the main United States Virgin Islands (USVI). It may not get mentioned as much as St Croix, St John, or St Thomas, but that's just fine by most, especially the 161 locals. Highly un-commercialized, and thus utterly relaxing and tranquil, Water Island surely makes for an excellent side trip during your Virgin Islands vacation. Though many choose to enjoy just a one-day Water Island USVI getaway, you might instead opt to stay for a few days, especially once you come to appreciate the island's laid-back vibe. There are certainly some interesting things to do on a Water Island vacation, and the island's rich history provides a nice compliment to its other interests.

The history of Water Island USVI is very much akin to the overall history of the territory. Arawak Indians were the first known people to settle the island, which they did in the 15th century. Remnants from the Arawaks have been found on the island, including tools, pottery, and human remains, and though some believe that earlier settlers may have come before, no signs of their existence has yet been uncovered. When pirates ruled the open seas, Water Island was used not only as a docking point, but also as a place to stock up on fresh water supplies. European sailors also found the fresh water ponds here to be very valuable, and as such, the island received its name. Settlers from Denmark would lay claim to Water Island in the 1700"s, and they used it primarily as a grazing area for livestock. Interestingly enough, during both the 18th and 19th centuries, the island would come to be owned by mulattos and free blacks. They also raised livestock, in addition to establishing successful plantations. Water Island would then fall under control of the Danish East Asiatic Company in the early 1900"s, and in 1944 it was sold to the United States. After decades of serving mostly as a defense installation and a military research outpost, Water Island USVI finally began its route to becoming the small residential and vacation-oriented haven that it is today.

If you are planning a Water Island vacation and are interested in the island's rich history, you'll certainly want to consider visiting the ruins of Fort Segarra, which was the first base that the United States built here. Also interesting are the ruins of the Carolina Point Plantation. You can include stops to these attractions while enjoying a hike around the island, which is certainly an enjoyable pursuit for those looking to fit a bit of exercise into the mix. If you're looking for more fun Water Island Virgin Islands things to do, perhaps palm-shaded Honeymoon Beach will beckon you. Water-skiing, snorkeling, sailing, and swimming can all be enjoyed at Honeymoon Beach, and there's also a nice beach bar to access should you be seeking refreshments. If fishing is your idea of a good time, you can always fit that into your Water Island vacation as well. The deep-water dock at Flamingo Bay is an excellent spot to cast a line.

During your Water Island Caribbean visit, you might also take interest in a cycling excursion. Bike tours can be arranged, as can overall guided tours of the island, and besides burning calories, bicycling is also an excellent way to sightsee. Many of the guided Water Island Virgin Islands tours include a cycling trip, and more often than not, they also include time at the beach. Your transportation will also be included should you book a tour to Water Island, though you can also arrange your own ferry transport from nearby St Thomas's Crown Bay Marina. The ferry ride is only about 10 minutes long, which is nice, especially if Water Island is your ultimate destination.

Should Water Island be your ultimate destination, you'll want to familiarize yourself a bit with the accommodations choices, which are a tad curious. There are no hotels, resorts, or guest houses to choose from. Instead, your Water Island Caribbean trip will see you choosing either a villa, a cottage, or an apartment-style unit. The amenities at these kinds of vacation rentals vary a bit, though all tend to be fully equipped. Many offer a golf cart for transportation around the island, which is a nice bonus. When deciding when to go, remember that the Virgin Islands are at their busiest between the months of December and May. Booking your Water Island Virgin Islands vacation rental in advance during these months is highly recommended.

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