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The beautiful US Virgin Islands make for an ideal setting for anyone planning a destination wedding. The spectacular beaches are understandably where many couples like to say their vows here, but you certainly aren't limited to them if you want to seek another avenue. Perhaps you'll find a lovely botanical garden to be a better fit, or even a lush, tropical mountaintop. Regardless of where you choose to hold your US Virgin Islands wedding ceremony, it's bound to be a stunning and most unforgettable affair. What's better is that you'll be able to start your honeymoon immediately after your wedding, which is certainly an attractive idea. Weddings in the US Virgin Islands are as easy to arrange as they are on the United States mainland, and if you are coming from the States, you won't need to worry about passport requirements, which only helps to make for a stress-free, fun in the sun experience.

Along the coasts of the three main islands in the US Virgin Island chain are alluring resorts that provide great US Virgin Island wedding packages for couples in love. These packages are designed to help take the headache out of planning a wedding, and as anyone who has planned them in the past knows, it can certainly be stressful. Most of the top St Thomas resorts, St Croix resorts, and St John resorts work closely with wedding consultants who know how to help you set the stage for your big day. You can also choose to go with an independent consultant, but if it's a great all around deal you are after, the resorts are arguably best. There isn't much asked of you when planning weddings in the US Virgin Islands. There are fees for your marriage license and notorized marriage application, but they are not hefty ones, probably coming in at around $100 together. There is a fee as well if you are planning to have a civil ceremony, which involves having a judge present. Should you want to get married in a USVI church, you can entertain that notion as well, which generally involves hashing out the fees and such with the church or your wedding consultant.

When booking US Virgin Islands weddings, you can usually avoid the 8-day waiting period if you employ the aid of a wedding consultant or resort. As mentioned, the resorts here are probably the best way to go. Some of the resorts that offer US Virgin Island wedding packages are quite luxurious, so if you have room in your budget for something the like, it doesn't hurt to get pampered a little. The Caneel Bay Resort is one of the luxury USVI resorts to consider when tying the knot on St John island. Since it's situated on 170 lush and tropical acres, the resort can provide a number of stunning backdrops for your wedding ceremony. Each of the weddings they arrange here is customized, so you can add plenty of your own touches if you please. As is customary of the US Virgin Island wedding packages at the resorts, the staff can help you put every last detail in place, from a photographer to the wedding cake. If you are bringing guests with you, a post-ceremony dinner can be arranged to celebrate, which is also the case if it's just you and your partner.

The Ritz-Carlton St Thomas is another luxury resort where couples can arrange weddings in the US Virgin Islands, and just like the Caneel Bay Resort, it offers a tranquil and secluded retreat away from the crowds. Whatever you might have in mind for your wedding, the Ritz-Carlton St Thomas can help you make it happen. The oceanside gazebo here certainly sets a romantic stage for your ceremony, as might the resort's 53-foot catamaran, the Lady Lynsey. US Virgin Island wedding packages, like those offered at the Ritz-Carlton St Thomas or the Caneel Bay Resort, often times include side delights for couples to enjoy. Quite common in these packages are couples massages. You might also expect a multi-course dinner for two on the beach or at an area restaurant. At least one complimentary bottle of champagne is the norm as well, as might be some chocolates or things the like. If you are looking to save money, you can opt for a more basic package that doesn't include a bunch of extras if you want. You will still enjoy a most satisfying experience, especially since the US Virgin Islands resorts offer a multitude of fun things to do.

If you don't find any US Virgin Island wedding packages that offer activities on the side, then heading to a resort is an ideal way to ensure that you can get out for some fun. Most resorts here are set on an idyllic beach, and many of these beaches boast excellent snorkeling and kayaking possibilities. Sometimes you can even enjoy a complimentary scuba diving lesson, which is a great way to familiarize yourself with the sport. Some US Virgin Islands resorts have all inclusive packages, which can help couples enjoy a hassle-free honeymoon. Speaking of honeymoons here, you can enjoy a spacious and private villa, board a luxury yacht and sail away, or enjoy a charming stay at a friendly inn. It all depends on what you want to do, so if you're thinking of having a destination wedding, consider the United States Virgin Islands and see just how many possibilities there are.

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