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US Virgin Islands tourism is a booming industry, and each year, thousands of visitors come here looking for the ultimate in Caribbean fun in the sun. When planning a US Virgin Islands vacation, one of the things you will undoubtedly consider is when to go. Thankfully, when it comes to US Virgin Islands travel, weather is not a major concern, unless you consider hurricane season. Even then, experiencing a hurricane is relatively rare, unless you're just plum unlucky. Beautiful, tropical weather abounds in the US Virgin Islands throughout the year, so when considering weather, you will likely be more apt to plan your trip around the kind of weather you are experiencing back home.

The peak season for US Virgin Islands travel is from mid-December to mid-April, as this is when those residing further north experience colder temperatures. If you want to avoid the peak season crowds, than planning your US Virgin Islands vacation for the off-season can be a good way to do so. Plus, during the off-season, the USVI resorts and hotels are known to slash their rates significantly, so those looking to save money on travel costs might avoid the peak season for that reason. The wettest months in the US Virgin Islands are July through October, but even though powerful downfalls can occur more readily during these months, the storms usually only last a short amount of time, so they will hardly dampen your trip.

The average temperatures for the US Virgin Islands are between 77 degrees and 82 degrees, and though it can get quite humid here, the consistent trade winds help to keep the humidity at bay. As far as sunshine goes, it is in ready supply in the Virgin Islands, so you will definitely want to bring sunblock when engaging in US Virgin Islands travel. As mentioned before, hurricane season is about the only thing you will have to consider when it comes to USVI weather. The hurricane season runs from June to November, so you will certainly want to check the weather reports before leaving if you plan to visit then. As a side note, those planning to take a US Virgin Islands vacation during hurricane season should look into travel insurance just to be safe, with cancellation insurance being a main focus.

After you've thought about the weather in the US Virgin Islands, you might consider some other factors when it comes to planning your trip. The US Virgin Islands tourism possibilities are many, and since things like scuba diving and fishing can be enjoyed regardless of the month, you might next consider the US Virgin Islands events, festivals, and holidays. Planning your trip around one of the island territory's main events can add considerable depth and substance to your trip. The St Thomas Carnival in April is just one of the fun and exciting USVI events that you might want to take part in. For those who are interested in US Virgin Islands cuisine, the Taste of St Croix Food Festival is surely something that can add extra flavor to your US Virgin Islands vacation. It's also held in April, so perhaps you will be up for enjoying both if you can.

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