Caribbean Vacations

Caribbean Vacations
Caribbean Vacations

Caribbean vacations are the first thing in the mind of travelers trapped in frigid winter temperatures. In a season known for slush and snowfall you could be sipping on a frozen cocktail on the beaches of Antigua, the Dominican Republic, or Jamaica if you plan Caribbean holidays. Each island in the Caribbean has its own character and appeal, so when planning your trip, be sure to do a little research. It can help to outline your criteria, such as whether you’re looking for nightlife, dining, outdoor adventure, shopping, casinos, and more. No matter what type of Caribbean experience you desire, there is an appropriate island for your dream vacation.

Before you can sink your toes in the sand, there are a few practical things to take care of. The first thing is airfare. Especially during the winter season, many airlines expand coverage to the Caribbean. These flights can be in high demand however, so if at all possible, book your flights far in advance. Remember that to travel to the Caribbean you will need to bring your passport, and it must be valid for at least six months after the time of traveling. Don’t let Caribbean vacations be ruined because you forgot to take care of updating your passport! Once you take care of these practical matters you can be completely care free on your trip.

The next decision to make for Caribbean holidays will be choosing among the hotels and resorts. These tropical islands are known for their all inclusive resorts, offering packages that combine the price of airfare, accommodation, and even some meals and activities. Many travelers find these resorts attractive because they remove the hassle of carrying cash and they also help to stick to a budget. Other travelers find these resorts to be large and crowded. If you’re looking for a private, quiet Caribbean experience you might want to check out boutique hotels or vacation rentals. 

You might be tempted to spend all of Caribbean holidays working on your tan and reading a few good novels, but these islands are full of fun activities too. Adventurous travelers will fill their days with fishing excursions, snorkeling tours, jet ski rides, and maybe a scuba lesson or two. Caribbean vacations are a great excuse to try a new activity, such as surfing or sailing. If you prefer your activities on dry land, horseback riding on the beach is a popular choice. Don’t forget about nightlife too – the Caribbean is known for keeping the temperatures up once the sun goes down. From the casinos of Aruba to the nightclubs of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean has a great reputation for nightlife.

No two Caribbean islands are alike, so finding your perfect match might take a little effort. If you’re looking for pristine beaches and little development, try planning a trip to St Lucia, St Kitts, or the Virgin Islands. If you’re traveling with your family and are seeking the convenience of larger resorts, you might want to check out St Martin, the Bahamas, Bermuda, or the Cayman Islands.

Caribbean Vacation Spots

Caribbean Destinations
Caribbean Destinations

Caribbean vacation spots are abundant, and among beachgoers, they’re the ideal destination for a relaxing getaway. Around the region, you’ll find miles of sandy beaches, azure water, lush tropical landscapes, and beautiful hotels and resorts providing everything you need for the perfect vacation. The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea bordered by pristine beaches drenched in golden sunshine are reasons for making the Caribbean your vacation destination location. From the friendly open markets of Jamaica and the active nightlife of Aruba to the volcano peaks at St. Lucia and the crystal-clear waters and corals reefs of Antigua and Barbados, you can have the vacation of a lifetime in the Caribbean.

Choosing among the Caribbean vacation spots is a difficult task as each of the islands offers its own unique atmosphere, culture, and a long history, displayed through ancient ruins, architecture, festivals, or local cuisine. Wherever you stay, it’s fascinating to learn about the context of the region and your particular destination, and there are numerous tours available and museums to explore to learn about the history of each area.

Caribbean Vacation Spots
Caribbean Vacation Spots

Wherever you go in the Caribbean, the beaches are usually the main attraction, providing endless hours of fun whether you choose to sunbathe, jet ski, parasail, or go snorkeling. Second in popularity to the beaches is the abundance of hotels and resorts, casinos, and fine dining. To get the most out of a vacation and have as little to worry about as possible, many travelers are on the lookout for all inclusive Caribbean vacation ideas.

There are numerous resorts of this type throughout the region, and prices will vary not only based on the quality of your resort but also on where you stay—up-and-coming destinations such as the Dominican Republic are typically cheaper than the longer-established area. For instance, Aruba is one of the most popular destinations in the region. This island in the Netherlands Antilles is known for its fun-loving atmosphere, with buffets, open bars, casinos, shows and musical performances, and endless water sports and activities combined in the all inclusive packages. Many of the resorts are located on the beach, so you’re just steps away from the sun, sea, and surf. Some all inclusive resorts to consider in Aruba include the Westin Resort and Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa, Occidental Grand Aruba, and Divi Aruba.

For vacationers who are interested in sun, sand, and water activities, Antigua provides numerous all inclusive Caribbean vacation ideas. The island has 365 beaches located in an area that is only fourteen miles long and eleven miles wide. While staying at one of the hotels or all inclusive resorts, you can explore the miles of pristine beaches, discover hidden coves, and sunbath in secluded silky sand inlets. You might enjoy a day of sightseeing in St. John, capital of Antigua, and observe the British Colonial influence at the English Harbour or take a tour of St. John’s Cathedral first built in the late 1600s. On Fridays and Saturdays, many travelers choose to soak up the city’s culture and sample great local food at the Farmers Market.

One of the most beautiful of the Caribbean vacation spots is St. Lucia, with its volcanic origins made apparent with its Gros Piton and Petit Piton volcanic peaks towering skyward. Along the beaches, you will find soothing mineral springs and dark sand evidence of the areas volcanic history. Adventure lovers will enjoy the option of driving through an actual volcano, hiking the trails along the more than 3,000-foot-high mountain range, or exploring the lush rainforest of St. Lucia. A premier luxury resort in St. Lucia is Sandals with three locations, the Sandals Regency La Toc, Sandals Grande St. Lucian, and Sandals Halcyon Beach.

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