Castle Hotels

Castle hotels figure among the most enticing hotels in the world, and there are plenty to choose from. As you might imagine, Europe is where you will find the majority of them, as it has a great number of castles, though you don't have to limit yourself to just one continent. Africa and North America offer some wonderful castle hotels, for example. Regardless of which continent you find yourself on, a stay at a castle hotel will allow you to feel like royalty for a day or more, and there may be nothing finer for the historical buff.

When searching for castle hotels, you might start with Ireland. This country has a rich history, and it also has the castles to prove it. Not all of these castles have been converted into hotels, but those that have are pretty spectacular. Take Ashford Castle, for example. The past guest list for this stunning structure is a verifiable who's who from the world of politics and entertainment, and if you can afford it, there may be no finer place to have a wedding. Just ask Pierce Brosnan. A major landmark in County Mayo, the luxurious Ashford Castle offers 83 rooms and suites, and complementing these guest units are wonderful facilities and dazzling grounds.

Ireland gets a lot of attention for its castle accommodation options, and this has a lot to do with establishments like Dromoland Castle and Waterford Castle. Originally a seat for the famed O'Brien Clan, Dromoland Castle dates back to the 1500s, and you can really get in touch with its rich history by staying overnight in one of the one hundred rooms and suites. An onsite spa offers pampering treatments that are fit for a king or a queen, and it doesn't hurt that a full Irish breakfast is included in the rates. As for Waterford Castle, its main allure might lie in the fact that it is situated on a private island. Both a hotel and a golf resort, this upscale castle hotel is a divine place to escape to. Nineteen elegant rooms and spacious holiday home rentals are among the lodging options at the delightful Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort.

The UK also offers some of the most enticing lodging options for those who wish to stay in a castle. In England, for example, you will find the alluring Amberley Castle Hotel. Originally erected as a manor house in the 1100s, Amberley Castle was fortified in the 1300s and has a true medieval appeal. To say that it is a historical treasure would be an understatement. Nineteen sumptuous rooms and suites await at the Amberley Castle Hotel, and the facilities aim to please. West Sussex is where you find Amberley Castle, and should you be interested, this is also where Arundel Castle can be found. Arundel Castle isn't a castle hotel, though it does figure among the best castles in the country and deserves a look while in the area.

Europe offers a most impressive array of castle hotels, and as you might imagine, one of the best is found in France. The Chateau de la Bourdaisiere dates from the fifteenth century and was originally built for the mistress of Francoise I. Today, it is an amazing refuge for travelers, offering seventeen cozy rooms and six tempting apartment rentals. Some great amenities help to make the Chateau de la Bourdaisiere such a good place to stay, and it doesn't hurt that it can be found in the Loire Valley. This valley is less than an hour from Paris and is known for offering some of the very best French castles.

No discussion about castle hotels would be complete without mentioning the paradors of Spain and Portugal. Paradors are lodging establishments that occupy historic structures. These historic structures usually come in the form of castles, monasteries, and manor houses. One of the best paradors on the Iberian Peninsula is the Parador de Alarcon. Once a Moorish stronghold, the Parador de Alarcon boasts a long history. In fact, work on the structure began in the eighth century. You can feel the history of the place in every room and common area, and as is true of most paradors, there is an excellent onsite restaurant to take advantage of when you're not relaxing in your room or visiting any number of regional attractions.

Should you wish to expand your horizons when searching for a tantalizing castle accommodation, there are options outside of Europe. In Morocco, for example, you will find the award-winning Kasbah du Toubkal, which is ideal for ecotourists, and anyone visiting the New York City area might pass on a hotel in Manhattan and opt instead to stay at the Castle on the Hudson. There is a castle hotel somewhere out there with your name on it, and chances are good that your search will yield more options than you'll know what to do with.

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