Castle Tours

Castle tours can be very rewarding, especially if you have an interest in history or architecture. Most of the world's castles were built over the last 1,000 years, and especially in European countries like England, there are many medieval fortresses that can provide excellent insight into the past. Many castles also served as opulent residences for royalty, only adding to the historical allure and the design intricacies. Castle tours can be a day trip to a single castle or consist of visiting several castles in one go. Many bus tour companies offer package tours, but you can also organized your own castle tours using your rental car or rail travel, especially in Europe where many castles can be found in close proximity of each other.

A castle tour of England is among the more popular options. The English countryside is littered with castles, and they include such famous landmarks as Windsor Castle and Hever Castle, or the Tower of London right in the bustling city. Of course, a tour of Alnwick Castle, or the Harry Potter Castle as it is also known, might be too hard to pass up for Harry Potter fans. These are just some of the English castles that you can tour. It is possible to tour castles like these on an individual basis, or you can arrange a more extensive tour that includes visits to all of them and more.

If you think you might enjoy a castle tour in England, then chances are good that you will also find favor with a castle tour in other UK nations. A castle tour in Scotland can certainly make a wonderful vacation, thanks to such structures as Edinburgh Castle and Balmoral Castle, and Wales deserves a nod due to castles like Caerphilly Castle and Conwy Castle.

As is true of other castle tours, an Irish castle tour can involve staying on the actual grounds of a castle. Some of the best castle hotels in the world are found in Ireland, and they include the Ashford Castle Hotel and the Dromoland Castle Hotel. If you don't stay in an actual castle during an extended UK or Ireland castle tour, other accommodations will often be provided. Other things can also be added to the mix, such as your flight and some or all of your meals.

When looking to expand your horizons even further, you can consider the many other countries in Europe when planning castle tours. Spain boasts some of the most spectacular castles that you will find anywhere on the planet, and the enticing weather and beaches on the coast doesn't hurt matters. You might also take interest in a castle tour in Germany, the likes of which can see you visiting such famed castles as Neuschwanstein, or others like Marksburg Castle and Heidelberg Castle. Mark Twain once visited Heidelberg Castle, you might be interested to know, and your ticket at Marksburg Castle will get you into a bunch of other castles in the area.

The best castle tours give you enough time to properly enjoy the castles that you visit, and they also provide knowledgeable guides that can fill you in on things like the history of the place and its architectural significance. If you don't decide to book an arranged tour that visits multiple sites and offers guides, you can go it alone and tour castles as you come to them. Most of the castles that are open to the public offer guided tour options, and at the very least, they tend to offer audio tours. Audio tours, for those who might not know, see the visitor listening to a pre-recorded discourse that highlights certain things throughout the castle complex, and they are often included in the admission price.

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