Castle Vacations

Castle vacations can make for magical affairs, especially if you are a sucker for history and architecture. Of course, the fact that many castles across the world boasts spectacular gardens also makes them ideal places to visit for gardening enthusiasts. Regardless of your likes, there are tons of amazing castles that you can admire across the globe, and since many are open to the public, you can do more than just gaze at them from afar. You can even stay in some castle hotels, or enjoy castle tours, whether this means a thorough tour of an individual castle or castle hopping through the countryside.

An Ireland castle vacation is something that many people have in mind when it comes to adding castles to the vacation picture. There is very good reason for this. Ireland boasts such castle hotels as Ashford Castle and Dromoland Castle, and whether you stay at one of these exclusive locales or not, the country is full of fascinating castles to tour. Perhaps you'll seek out the haunted environs of Leap Castle, and Kilkenny Castle certainly warrants a visit to the Kilkenny County region. Ireland castle vacation packages are available in good supply, and they can help you put everything together in terms of your trip. This includes finding you a good place to stay, castle or not.

Vacation castles in Italy also tempt travelers, and it's not hard to understand why. Imagine how splendid it would be to stay in a renovated thirteenth-century castle in Tuscany. This is just one of the options, thanks to the Relais Castel Bigozzi. Found near Siena, this hotel only offers fourteen rooms and suites, so booking in advance is recommended. If you can't get a room at the Relais Castle Bigozzi, worry not. There are other dandies to choose from, the Hotel Castello della Castelluccia Relais included. Found just north of Rome in the Lazio countryside, this wonderful four-star hotel is an eleventh-century castle that comes complete with gardens and a courtyard. The courtyard, coincidentally, has a pool.

The castle vacation packages that are out there can see you visiting any number of European countries. Take the Wales vacation packages, for example. Wales boasts around 400 castle sites, and while many of these sites feature little more than some mounds and such, others are home to some of the most impressive castles that you will find anywhere. Of course, you might be tempted to escape to Spain, thanks to its enticing castle hotels and its sumptuous weather, and a castle vacation in France is hard to pass up.

One of the best things about castle vacations, other than the fact that they provide amazing insight into history and architecture, is the fact that they can involve more than one country. Package deals that include a trip around the UK nations are in good supply, for example, and you can always arrange your own itinerary. Touring some Denmark castles after you enjoy a castle tour in Germany is just one idea.

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