Castle Weddings

Castle weddings can truly be the stuff that fairy tale dreams are made of. Imagine tying the knot in the shadows of a medieval castle or exchanging vows on the grounds of a spectacular castle residence in the United States. The options are as plentiful as you could want them to be, especially if you are interested in expanding your horizons. Castles can be found in many different countries across the globe, and many of these landmark structures offer venues for weddings and receptions alike.

For English-speaking couples who are trying to plan a castle wedding, the UK is arguably the best place to start. This country is full of amazing castles, and many of them offer wedding and/or reception services. A fine example is Balmoral Castle, which can be found in Scotland. This famous royal residence might not have a license for performing wedding ceremonies, but it can be a fantastic place for a wedding reception. The main wedding venue, Pipers Hall, has seating for up to 120 people, and full catering facilities are available. Should you prefer, you can also try to secure one of the rooms that are reserved for smaller groups. As for tying the knot, registrar offices can be found in the area towns, and there are also churches for the main ceremony.

When a luxury Scottish castle wedding is what you have in mind, there are plenty of castles around the country that are licensed for wedding ceremonies. They include such landmarks as Edinburgh Castle, so you are encouraged to weigh all of the available options. Among the very best places for a luxury Scottish castle wedding is the Skibo Castle. It's certainly a favorite among celebrities. Madonna married Guy Ritchie at Skibo Castle, for example, and Ashley Judd is just one more celebrity who chose to have a ceremony there.

Another European hotel that can serve as an ideal site for an exclusive wedding is Ashford Castle. Pierce Brosnan got married there in 2001, which helped to put Ashford Castle on the world wedding map, and it's not hard to see why the British actor chose this locale. Found in Ireland, Ashford Castle is stunningly beautiful both inside and out, and the ample grounds are nothing short of spectacular.

England, as you might imagine, has castles that can host weddings, so you won't want to overlook it when searching for your ideal fit in the UK. Warwick Castle can be an amazing place for a wedding, that's for sure, and a Hever Castle wedding can make for an unforgettable experience. These are two of the best castles in the entire UK, and their beauty is only enhanced by their rich histories. Numerous venues can be found between them, and the opportunities for wedding photos are almost too good to be true.

The castle wedding venues in the UK and the rest of Europe are enticing for a number of different reasons. Should you live in the United States, however, you might prefer something a little closer to home. The castles in the US might not be as old as the castles in Europe, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some that have a very historic look and feel. Belcourt Castle is found in Newport Rhode Island and feels much like a European castle, especially in the interior, where lavish looking rooms hint at the wealth of the original owner. Designed to resemble a Louis XIII-style hunting lodge, Belcourt Castle was built in 1894 for Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont. Born into a wealthy family, Belmont inherited 60 million dollars in 1890. His former bachelor pad is stunning, and the wedding services that are available today are impressive.

The best wedding castles in the US include a few others that are worth considering. Falkenstein Castle in Texas and OHEKA Castle in New York are worth checking into, and while some might argue that it isn't really a castle, the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina might just be the most enticing of all. Europe and the US are both top options for castle weddings. Many castles that are available for weddings and receptions double as castle hotels, so you can stay on the grounds if you please. A fine example of this is Ireland's Dromoland Castle.

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