20th Century Castles

20th century castles might lack the history of older castles, but that doesn't mean that they aren't interesting. Most are found in the United States, as many people who came into money in the New World wanted to erect stately residences that displayed their wealth. Many of these wealthy castle builders also wanted to erect something that would remind them of their castles from the European homeland. Take Grey Towers Castle, for example. Found near Philadelphia on the Arcadia University campus, this beautiful edifice was built by an Englishman who made his fortune in America. His name was William Welsh Harrison, and his inspiration for building Grey Towers was England's Alnwick Castle.

Modern castles include some of the most amazing private residences that you will find anywhere in the world. A perfect example of this is the stunning Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. A more spectacular French-style chateau would be hard to imagine, and you can step inside for a jaw-dropping tour if you want to be wowed even more. Built by George Washington Vanderbilt II, the Biltmore Estate was finished in 1895 and is one of the best examples of Gilded Age architecture that you will find anywhere in the nation. As a side note, if you enjoy your visit to the Biltmore Estate, which you likely will, then a visit to California's Hearst Castle should also prove to be pleasing. Built by William Randolph Hearst, it is a most impressive residential compound.

Twentieth century castles are often curious castles. Unique could be another word that could be used to describe them. This is certainly the case with Gillette Castle, which can be found in East Haddam Connecticut. Built in the early 1900s, Gillette Castle was built by a famous American stage actor, and both its exterior and interior have plenty of unique features. The outside has the appearance of a melting sand castle, and among the highlights on the inside are wood carved light switches and unusual doorknobs.

After you check out Gillette Castle, you might venture over to the New York City area for a look at Lambert Castle. Perched on a hillside in Paterson NJ, this castle is now a museum, and if nothing else, the views of the New York City skyline from its grounds are worth the visit. Lambert Castle is actually surrounded by parkland, and there trails for walking and picnic sites for picnicking, so you can really make a day out of it.

Modern castles of all kinds are waiting to be toured, and if you need more ideas, then you might consider visiting one of the Disney resorts. Fairy tale castles can be found at the Disney resorts, and they are built to be as iconic as a castle could be. You can tour parts of the castles at the Disney resorts, and some even have accommodations that you can hope to secure during your visit.

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