Belize is now a top-notch vacation destination in Central America, after being settled first by the Maya, contested later by Great Britain and Spain, and eventually made a British colony before finally achieving independence. Seems this small, yet big on thrills piece of the planet always has, and always will be coveted. It's not hard to understand why once you treat yourself to a rewarding Belize vacation. What makes Belize vacations so rewarding, you might ask? Belize travel offers that little slice of paradise that we all crave from time to time, if not always. Historians and those with any architectural interests will enjoy exploring the various Maya ruins in Belize. Fans of the great outdoors will take kindly to the Belize weather, hiking trails, islands, and nature preserves. And, anyone looking to relax will think they've found the laid-back capital of the world. There's no need to rush things on Belize trips. Simply letting go of your cares and enjoying the moment is what Belize travel is all about. So plan your Belize vacation today and enjoy your own unforgettable Belize moments!

While Belize travel can involve little more than swinging in a hammock while you listen to the incessant rhythm of the Caribbean Sea, the numerous Belize adventure travel options will undoubtedly tempt you to get up and out at some point. Belize adventure travel is ideal for both extreme sports enthusiasts and those who like their adventurous pursuits a little more grounded. The Belize caves offer both the courageous and the timid the chance to enter what is akin to another dimension. The ancient Maya in Belize believed that Xibalba, a link to the spiritual world, could be accessed inside the Belize caves, and they used them for many a ritualistic practice. Besides setting your eyes on jaw-dropping cave formations, you'll often also notice numerous vestiges of the ancient Maya when exploring the Belize caves. One of the more enjoyable Belize cave systems to explore is Barton Creek, as visitors cruise their way into and through the caves here by canoe. It's really quite a treat. Cave tubing has certainly earned its spot among the top Belize tourism pursuits. Letting the current of a river carry you through a cave system while you kick back on your inner tube and enjoy the ride is a form of Belize adventure travel that just about anyone can enjoy.

Belize vacations can see you enjoying inland caves, trails, and Mayan ruins one day, and offshore beaches, coral reefs, and world-class fishing spots the next. Understandably so, many people who are enjoying Belize vacations head to one of the cayes found not far from the mainland. There are hundreds of them, though most remain uninhabited. Ambergris Caye and its sister island of Caye Caulker are among the top Belize vacation destinations, offering quite a lot in the way of fun in the sun. Though the coastal town of Placencia is Belize's top beach destination, you might also head to one of the cayes to enjoy sandy, waterfront stretches. Some of the best resorts and hotels in Belize can be found on the offshore cayes, and budget travelers fear not, because both on the cayes and on the mainland, the discount Belize hotels are in sufficient number. Surely you can get pretty luxurious when it comes to Belize travel, but if your budget won't allow it, perhaps the Belize hostels will serve you well enough. You can certainly meet some interesting fellow travelers at the Belize hostels.

Belize tourism benefits greatly from the Belize Barrier Reef, which can be explored and enjoyed on a number of fun Belize tours. Speaking of the Belize tours, there are so many great ones to choose from that you're pretty much guaranteed to never experience boredom in Belize. Most Belize hotels and resorts offer travel and tour desks that can have you enjoying both inland and offshore excursions. If your hotel doesn't have a tour desk, chances are good that there will be plenty of local tour companies in the respective area. All of the Belize tourism hot spots benefit from a healthy abundance of competent tour guides. Perhaps you'll go one up on the Belize tours and book one of the exciting and convenient Belize travel packages. Belize vacations are awfully low-stress when you leave all of the planning up to someone else. Ah, Belize trips and what they can do for the soul. There's just so much to discuss when it comes to Belize tourism. Looks like you'll have to visit yourself to get a firsthand account of things yourself.

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