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Your airfare to Belize will certainly take one of the largest chunks out of your Belize travel budget, but you do have to get here before you can enjoy all that Belize has to offer, so there isn't too much you can do about it. Well, maybe there is. That all depends on how flexible you are willing to be. Finding a cheap flight to Belize is easier than ever, so if you put a little effort into comparing different flights to Belize, it could mean big savings in the end. For visitors to Belize who are coming from North America, the trip is relatively short. Since there are a good amount of direct flights to Belize from U.S. cities like Miami, Dallas, and Charlotte, you can be in Belize in just a few hours. This is surely welcome news if it gets cold and grey during much of your winter. If you are flying from Canada to Belize, your best bet for direct flights is Toronto, and you can find seasonal direct flights with various charter companies. Many top airlines offer Belize flights, a few of them being American Airlines, Continental, and US Airways. Other airlines that offer Belize flights with regular frequency are Delta, Maya Island, Tropic, Tikal, and Grupo TACA.

Most Belize flights involve a layover of some kind, especially if you are coming from outside of the United States. This, of course, doesn't apply to most of the other Central American countries, which do offer plenty of direct flights. A good amount of U.S. visitors to Belize will even have to experience a layover in one of the U.S. cities that offers direct flights to Belize, or in any one of the Central American capital cities. If you are departing from, or laying over in Miami, which is common, you're just a 2-hour's flight away from starting your Belize vacation! Although Belize City is no longer the capital of the country, it is still the main Belize transportation, cultural, and financial hub. All international flights to Belize arrive in Belize City at the Philip Goldson International Airport. This airport is located some 11 miles outside of town, so you can either take a taxi to your Belize City hotel if you are staying here, or you can arrange for transportation to your accommodations with the hotel itself. Many Belize hotels, especially the luxury Belize hotels, will provide your transportation between the hotel and the airport as part of the rates, even if you are staying a few hours away at one of the San Ignacio hotels, for example. Some Belize visitors will prefer renting a car right away, which can be done at the Belize City international airport.

Securing airfare to Belize can easily be done on your own. The best time to look for cheap flights to Belize is outside of the peak season. The drier months in Belize, which are December through May, are the most popular months for Belize travel, so should you look for airfare to Belize during this time, you'll likely notice elevated flight prices. So, if cheap flights to Belize are an absolute must for you, you can start by booking your trip between the months of December and May. Even if you decide to look for airfare to Belize during the peak season, buying your plane tickets to Belize well in advance can be a good way to save money. Should you book your trip at the last minute, you still might be able to secure a discount Belize flight. Some of the major airlines, offer last-minute travel deals, and though you sometimes don't get to pick the destination, you might find Belize already among the choices. Various Belize vacation packages offer round trip airfare to Belize as part of the deal, and sometimes, bundling your airfare with your accommodations is a good way to save a little on the side. Plus, many a Belize vacation package also includes a list of interesting tours and activities, which can be quite convenient.

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