Belize All Inclusive Resorts

Booking a stay at one of the Belize all inclusive resorts is something that all visitors should consider. Once you pay your upfront fee, it's smooth sailing from there. You won't have to keep reaching for your wallet during your vacation to Belize, as virtually everything that you could want or need is included in the one-time fee. This means that your meals are covered, as well as your snacks and most, if not all, of your drinks. Your room will also be covered in the upfront fee at an all inclusive Belize resort, as will a list of activities, so it's about as convenient as convenient gets. You can always choose to forgo the all inclusive experience, but if it's a hassle-free trip that you have in mind, these packages are often the best way to go.

The Belize all inclusive resorts differ a little from the main Central American and Caribbean all inclusive resorts, in that they don't usually offer quite as much in the way of complimentary food, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy what is still tantamount to an all inclusive getaway. At the Maya Mountain Lodge (pictured), for example, you can book special packages that include three daily meals, a range of activities, and fun tours on the side. Perhaps you'll book a package that includes canoeing through the Barton Creek Cave, or one that involves crossing the Guatemala border to explore the Tikal ruins. Kayaking down the Mopan River is also among the adventures that can be included in your stay. The Maya Mountain Lodge is one of the better lodging fits for those who are interested in cheap all inclusive resorts in Belize, as the rates are among the lowest in the land. You can find the Maya Mountain Lodge near the city of San Ignacio, which is relatively far inland. The jungle setting is ideal for those who have eco tourism in mind, which is also the case at the Mopan River Resort, a premier all inclusive resort in Belize.

The Mopan River Resort hails itself as the only air-conditioned jungle resort, and it's definitely an ideal resort for you if you want to enjoy plenty of amenities during your jungle getaway. The resort rests on ten garden-laden acres, which are surrounded by 80 acres of rain forest, so hiking and bird-watching understandably figure among the top things to do. You can also explore Mayan ruins, go cave tubing, or simply splash around in the on-site pool when looking to stay busy. Gourmet food, upscale rooms, and all the tropical cocktails that you can handle are some of the perks available for guests who choose the Mopan River Resort as your all inclusive Belize Resort.

If the Mopan River Resort piques your interest, you should also consider the Chaa Creek Resort, which also offers an upscale jungle lodging experience. This fantastic Belize resort boasts its own nature reserve, covering 365 acres, and you'll be right on the banks of the Macal River, which is ideal for canoeing and kayaking. There is an array of tantalizing all inclusive packages to choose from at the award-winning Chaa Creek Resort, and they can include activities such as visits to the Belize Zoo, guided nature walks, and horseback riding tours, among other things.

While some visitors will be more interested in an inland all inclusive resort in Belize, others might look to stay closer to a beach. Heading to one of the offshore cays, or small islands, is always a good idea if you want to enjoy plenty of time with your feet in the sand. Finding an all inclusive Belize resort on one the country's cays, or cayes, as it is spelled here, is more difficult, as the bulk of the cay resorts simply don't offer all inclusive packages. At the Xanadu Island Resort on Ambergris Caye, for example, the special packages don't include your accommodations, nor do they typically cover all of your meals. If you have your heart set on an all inclusive resort in Belize that offers great beach access, then the Coco Plum Island Resort is arguably your best option. Found on its own private island, this all inclusive Belize resort is definitely worth considering if you want to get away. Your transportation, side tours, meals, and an array of other things are included in the all inclusive packages here, so you'll hardly have to worry about anything, other than putting on enough sunscreen.

There's hardly anything to worry about when you stay at one of the Belize all inclusive resorts, which is why so many Belize travelers take interest in them. Should you stay at an inland resort, booking a package that includes trips to the cayes is possible, so you can enjoy some time on a beach or snorkel the Blue Hole, among other things. Start searching for your ideal all inclusive resort in Belize today, and treat yourself to a vacation that is sure to please. There are plenty of options out there, so you're bound to find your match.

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