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There are a few different ways to get to Belize, and among them are the Belize cruises. Some 1 million people a year enjoy cruises to Belize, and a good amount of the country's visitors take advantage of the smaller Belize cruises and sailing charters that operate within the country. Generally, cruises to Belize will include other stops in the Caribbean and Central America, so you'll have other exciting places to explore in addition to experiencing some of what Belize has to offer. It's always a treat to pass through the Panama Canal. Once you pull into port at Belize, there will be no shortage of fun Belize cruise excursions to enjoy, from zip-line tours to trips to one of the Belize Mayan sites. Since most of the top cruise companies offer cruises to Belize, you should have little problem booking one, and should you be staying in Belize for an extended period of time, you might entertain the options for inner-country Belize cruises. A sunset dinner cruise is sure to add spice to that romantic getaway.

The cruises to Belize range from your standard, modern-day cruise ships, which are spectacular, to a few luxury options that will aim to offer a more upscale experience. Whichever you should go with, you will enjoy a fun-filled trip regardless. Today's cruise ships offer so much in the way of food, entertainment, and accommodations, so you shouldn't get bored or be uncomfortable when at sea. With some cruise ships offering spa services, steak and lobster dinners, and nightclubs, you might not ever want to get off the ship. Thankfully, the Belize cruise excursions are so interesting that you will certainly want to de-board to enjoy this small slice of paradise. All of the cruises to Belize arrive at Belize City, which is the only major Belize cruise port. Belize City makes for a great place to dock, as it is close to so many great attractions. Perhaps you'll be up for exploring Belize City a bit and sampling some Belizean food at one of the city's tasty restaurants.

Belize cruises are the fasting growing among the Caribbean cruises, and since the year 2000, Belize has seen a huge increase in the number of cruise ships that include it in their itineraries. This means that finding the right Belize cruises for your wants and needs is pretty easy, at least if you are in the U.S. Currently, most of the cruises to Belize depart from ports in the United States, with east coast cities like Miami and New York City handling the bulk of the load. Most of these cruises will last from 5-14 days, and there are even Belize cruises that leave from Spain that can last the better part of a month! Belize cruises that start in Belize and hit other Central American/Caribbean destinations are also available if you are already here. If you're in nearby Panama, you might book one of the cruises to Belize from there. There are surely enough options to warrant looking into.

Certainly the Belize cruise excursions are a big reason that tourists enjoy Belize cruises so much. The Belize cruise tours can have you cave-tubing in the Cayo District, climbing a temple at Lamanai, or even visiting the Belize Zoo. You might look to compliment the selection of Belize cruise excursions that your respective cruise company offers with the Belize cruise tours that outside companies offer as well. These Belize City travel companies can get you to and from the Belize cruise port, and they will provide you with competent guides and sufficient equipment rental. The fee for Belize cruise tours should cover the admission to any of the venues you'll be visiting, and since you're leaving all the planning and navigation to somebody else, you can just relax and enjoy yourself. Perhaps you'll be up for kayaking down the Mopan River, or canoeing into the Barton Creek Caves. Should you be interested in cruising opportunities just within Belize itself, there are numerous Belize sailing charters that can get you out on the water. Most of these Belize cruising trips are aboard a catamaran or something of the like, and you can opt for both crewed and bareboat sailing excursions.

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