Belize Holidays

Belize holidays are ideal for anyone who enjoys the Great Outdoors, and especially if its cold back home, as it's always warm in Belize. The low temperature in Belize rarely gets down to 60 degrees, and this is quite rare in and of itself, save for evenings in the mountains. Speaking of mountains, they are just part of the Belize landscape. Sure, they might not be the tallest mountains on the planet, but they are nonetheless picturesque and fun to tackle. Ah, but alas, one can not discuss Belize holidays without talking about the Caribbean Sea. The cayes, or islands, found off the Belize coast are where scores of Belize tourists head, and for very good reason. You'll only find some of the world's best fishing and scuba diving here. The cayes are also ideal for sailing holidays Belize style.

Enjoying a Belize holiday has never been easier, and this small Central American country is certainly seeing an increase in overall tourism. The industry for Belize cruises has increased quite significantly in recent years, for example, and though there are not too many cruises to Belize from Europe, you can easily book one out departing from the United States if you wish. Flights to Belize are easy to book from across the ocean, though you'll certainly have to endure a brief layover on the way. Your travel woes, should you have any, will be very much worth it once you arrive in Belize. Hopefully, you'll be ready for what this small country has in store for you.

The peak season for a Belize holiday is between the months of November and April, and if you want to guarantee the best weather for hitting the Belize beaches, then you'll plan your Belize holiday between the months of March and May. While you're enjoying the beaches in Belize, you might also entertain the notion of trying a little Belize fishing or scuba diving. Both are world-class, and you'll find many a Belize holiday package that features these pursuits. The Belize Barrier Reef and the famed Blue Hole are top diving spots that can be included in your holiday package, and you can certainly arrange to dive such sites as you go once you get here. Finding tour guides and agencies in Belize is like finding blades of grass on a football pitch. They are everywhere. Most of the Belize resorts and hotels have their own tour and travel desks, so you'll probably be able to plan whatever excursion you want at the lodging pick of your choice.

Sailing holidays Belize options are aplenty, and there's nothing quite like sailing about the Caribbean Sea here. The stunning, turquoise-green water will absolutely blow your mind, and pulling up to an uninhabited caye to enjoy your own Caribbean beach is a thrill hardly with compare. On your sailing holidays Belize adventures, you can opt to sail with just friends or family on a bareboat charter, or you can decide to enjoy a crewed sailing charter, skipper and all. Should you be navigating your own rental craft, you can sail according to your own itinerary, not having to follow someone else's agenda. You can sail where you want, within reason, stop when you want, wake up when you want, and so on.

Not all of the fun Belize activities are to be enjoyed off the coast. Inland Belize holds many delights, and should you have the chance, you'll certainly want to explore at least some jungle terrain or perhaps a few Belize caves. There are a handful of choice Belize eco-resorts and lodges that can make for the ideal inland accommodations for your Belize holiday. Many of the top Belize resorts and lodges offer spacious villas that offer added space and flexibility over the average hotel room, so perhaps to compliment your Belize nature experience, you'll be up for staying in one of the Belize holiday villas. The Cayo District is Belize's top inland holiday destination, and there are a few lodges here whose villas offer utter privacy and comfort. Should Belize holiday villas be what you are after exclusively, you'll find some alluring choices back on the cayes. Ambergris Caye is Belize's top overall holiday destination, and the Ambergris Caye resorts have among them some amazing island villas that will ensure proper rest and relaxation. For those on a tighter budget, the Belize hotels also offer up a healthy list of discount options at all the right spots, so you won't have to break the bank to experience the best of what Belize has to offer. Stay at one of the Belize hostels, and you'll have plenty of money left over for tours.

Start planning your Belize holiday today, and you'll soon notice just how many things there are to do here. Fly fishing for tarpon on the saltwater flats, hiking among howler monkeys, climbing to the top of a Mayan pyramid, canoeing into an eerily breathtaking cave, diving with whale sharks, and soaking up the sun on a pristine white-sand beach are just some of the ways to spend your time on Belize holidays. Whether you plan as you go once you get there, or you arrange a Belize vacation package ahead of time that has everything from accommodations to tours taken care of, your Belize holiday will be an unforgettable one. Chances are, like so many before you, you will likely return to Belize after your first holiday here. There's just something about it's laid-back nature that gets into your soul.

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