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The Belize landscape ranges from tropical beaches to jungle-covered mountains, and visitors to this small, yet attraction-packed country can enjoy a long list of tours and activities. The main tourist destinations in Belize have been seeing increased tourism in recent years, and as such, many have been working hard to build up their tourism industries. This is evidenced perhaps most readily by the growing number of Belize hotels and resorts. The hotels in Belize are certainly in good supply at all the right spots, and you'll find that among your lodging choices, there will be plenty of intriguing and alluring options. One thing you might quickly notice when researching Belize hotels is that most of them are quite small. Some of the best hotels in Belize only offer a handful of units, which in the long run helps to improve customer service. Also, sometimes when you stay at a sprawling hotel, you have to deal with the "crowds"that come with it, especially during peak seasons. This can make for a less tranquil and relaxing getaway. The peak season for Belize travel is December through April, so it's always a good idea to book a hotel in Belize ahead of time should you visit during this time frame. Also, you can expect higher rates during the peak season as well.

No matter your budget, you're bound to find the right hotel in Belize for your upcoming vacation. For those who are low on funds or prefer to save their money for something other than accommodations, the Belize hostels are a good fit. Most popular with the younger crowd, hostels are often a wonderful place to meet fellow travelers. The hostels in Belize City are excellent for those who are arriving on flights and just need a place to sleep before heading on to other destinations, and since Belize City makes a good travel base, you might book your stay at one and use the money you save on exciting tours and trips. Many of the Belize hostels have both rooms with private baths and those with shared baths, and you can usually either get your own room or opt for a bunk in a shared room. Most hostel rooms are quite spartan, and guests will get little more than a bed with linens. However, for the price, they can't be beat. In Belize City, the Red Hut Inn is an example of a hostel where guests can use a communal kitchen and BBQ area, and you can even expect air-conditioning in some, or all rooms. The inland Cayo District has one of the more impressive discount hotels in Belize. Found near San Ignacio, The Trek Stop is part eco-lodge, part hostel, and it's natural setting and screened cabins are more than you might expect for the price.

When choosing from the budget and mid-range hotels in Belize, it's usually a good idea to compare a few if you can before deciding on one. While establishments like the Trek Stop are a no-brainer, you might find that on Ambergris Caye or in Placencia, for example, the options in your price range can vary somewhat significantly. Also, paying a tad extra at whichever budget hotel you stay at can usually get you a lot more. Take Ruby's on Ambergris Caye. For little more than what you'll pay for a single room with a shared bath, you can get one with a private bath. Throw in a little more money per night, and you can have an air-conditioned unit with a private bath and a private ocean view balcony. It really comes down to what you're willing to spend and how much you need. The Belize hotels on a whole are not overly luxurious, and many visitors understand ahead of time that things are still rather undeveloped here. That doesn't mean you can't find some pretty impressive digs, which most often come in the form of the Belize resorts and lodges.

Some of the best hotels in Belize can be found at coastal and island destinations like Placencia and Ambergris Caye. Many of the top Belize resorts offer villas that certainly are enviable places to rest your head at night. The Chabil Mar Villas resort in Placencia has easily some of the most luxurious villas in the country, boasting granite counter tops, marble floors, etc. The Laru Beya Resort and Villas is another Palencia resort that deserves mention among the best hotels in Belize. The resorts on Ambergris Caye are pretty numerous, and you can hardly go wrong should the White Sands Cove Resort, the Xanadu Island Resort, or the Pelican Reef Villas Resort be your choice for Belize hotels and resorts. Since Belize fishing is world-class, many anglers head here to enjoy the experience.

Among the resorts and lodges in Belize, you'll find two that are both luxurious and based primarily around fishing. The sister properties of El Pescador Lodge and El Pescador South are ideal hotels in Belize for the avid fisherman. Even if you don't like to fish, you'll enjoy the comfort and amenities these two places offer. The El Pescador Lodge is found on Ambergris Caye, while the El Pescador South is found near Punta Gorda.

Pretty much all the Belize hotels and resorts of repute have tour desks and can hook you up with fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and cave exploring expeditions, among many other tours. This can be awfully convenient, especially if you're staying at one of the Belize hotels or resorts found off the beaten path.

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