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A stay at one of the Belize resorts is sure to be the perfect remedy for stress. Belize is a very laid-back vacation destination, and the resorts in Belize are certainly places where you can relax to your hearts content. Belize is also a very much an adventure-lovers destination, and at the Belize resorts you can arrange a number of exciting tours and excursions. Part of the reason people enjoy staying at the resorts in Belize is because of their tour desks. No matter what kind of activity you want to enjoy in Belize, you can arrange it at the resort tour desks. Even if youre staying at a Belize beach resort, you can easily book tours for mainland attractions, such as nature reserves and Mayan ruins. Enjoy one of the resorts in Belize, and youll be enjoying a top notch Caribbean getaway.

An interesting thing worth noting about the resorts in Belize is their size. Unlike the mega-resorts that you might find at other Caribbean destinations such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, the Belize resorts are smaller, more intimate affairs. This bodes well for guests, as the guest-to-staff ratio usually favors the guest. So many Belize resorts are able to offer unparalleled levels of service due to the fact that they only have a limited amount of guests at any given time. Of course, the resorts in Belize see the bulk of their guests between November and April. Not only is it drier and sunnier in Belize during these months, but its also cold up north. Youll definitely want to book a room, suite, or villa in advance at one of the resorts in Belize during the peak season, and you can expect the rates to be higher as well.

March through May are great months to head to one of the Belize resorts, as you will avoid any of the cold blasts from the north that can sometimes put a damper on Belize beach vacations. Top places to find a Belize beach resort are Ambergris Caye, South Water Caye, and the coastal town of Placencia, which offers up to the best Belize beaches. You can also find some pretty good ones near Belize City and on Caye Caulker as well. When you stay at a Belize beach resort, youll be able to arrange a score of fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing excursions. On South Water Caye, for example, the Pelican Beach Resort offers not only spacious accommodations and access to a top Belize beach, but also great scuba diving just offshore at the Belize Barrier Reef. The Ambergris Caye resorts are easily some of the best Belize beach resorts, and they offer no shortage of tour options, both on the mainland and off.

Most of the top Belize luxury resorts are found either on the coast or on one of the Belize cayes. On Caye Chapel, which is a privately-owned island, youll find one of the top Belize luxury resorts, not to mention the best course for Belize golf. The upscale villas at the Caye Chapel Island Resort are about as good as it gets in Belize lodging, and the large clubhouse here offers an immaculate pool, fine-dining experiences, and sweet ocean views. Should you want to enjoy some of the best Belize scuba diving, a stay at the Turneffe Island Lodge is worth considering. This Belize beach resort is a great pick for Belize luxury resorts as well, and its proximity to the Turneffe Atoll means youll not have to go far to enjoy world-class diving. Not all of the Belize resorts and resort-lodges are found at or off the coast, however, and if you want to explore inland Belize, there are some jungle lodges and eco- resorts worth checking out.

The Belize eco-resorts come in a variety of price ranges, with some earning classification among the Belize luxury resorts, while others are enviable picks for discount Belize lodging. The Chaa Creek eco-lodge in the Cayo District is an excellent eco-choice for Belize luxury resorts. A "Tree Top Jacuzzi Suite" here is sure to have your inner soul doing rejoicing, not that the more standard rooms arent overly satisfying as well. Treat yourself to a session at the Spa at Chaa Creek, and your inner soul will again thank you. The grounds here are expansive, and youll not want for outdoor activities, as there are scores of them here to get into. If you dont have a bunch of money to spend at the eco resorts in Belize, you might consider staying at The Trek Stop. Also found in the Cayo District, which is Belizes top inland vacation destination, youll be amazed at what you get for the low rates here. The screened cabins are certainly nice-enough by most peoples standards, and youll enjoy the 22-acre tropical forest setting for a number of fun excursions.

For those interested in Belize all inclusive resorts, there are options there as well. The Placencia Hotel, for example, offers all inclusive packages that include everything from your round-trip airfare, to your meals, drinks, and activities. The Belize all inclusive resorts can be ideal for families, as you wont have to keep digging into the wallet when the kids get hungry, or when its time to head out to go snorkeling or kayaking. The Xanadu Island Resort on Ambergris Caye is a good pick for Belize all inclusive resorts, Belize beach resorts, and Belize luxury resorts. Perhaps a quick, 4-night all inclusive experience here will be just what the doctor ordered. Many, if not most of the Belize resorts will offer all inclusive packages of some kind, so you can choose to go that route, or opt to go less inclusive according to your needs.



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