Belize Trekking

Enjoying a little or a lot of Belize trekking is certainly a good way to burn some calories, not to mention see a whole bunch of interesting things. Belize has a range of intriguing landscapes, and hiking in Belize can be one of the best ways to sightsee. While hiking in Belize, you can enjoy birdwatching on the side, enter a mysterious cave if you dare, or stumble upon breathtaking Mayan ruins. Chances are you won't soon forget your Belize hiking adventure, no matter how extensive or short it is. Even if you are just up for hiking a few of the trails at your Belize eco-resort, it can be a truly rewarding experience. You'll certainly see things that you probably won't see back home, like iguanas and howler monkeys. Belize trekking, or hiking, can be something you enjoy on the side, or it can be a main focus of your trip. Various Belize trekking tours include not only great hikes, but also side visits to a list of interesting attractions. If you love, or even just like the great outdoors, you'll certainly enjoy Belize hiking.

Many Belize hiking tours will include Guanacaste National Park on their itineraries, and it's certainly where you can expect to find some of the best Belize trails. Easy to get to, Guanacaste National Park is found in the Cayo District, just a couple miles north of the capital city of Belmopan. The Guanacaste (Tubroos) tree is what gives the park its name, and some of these trees can soar up to 130 feet. Mahogany, the national tree of Belize, is also among the plant-life in Guanacaste National Park, and visitors can enjoy taking time out at one of the many sitting benches here. If you are not up for extreme Belize hiking, then Guanacaste is ideal for you, as it boasts some of the easiest and best-marked Belize trails around. Excellent Belize birding can be enjoyed here, and you can also expect to spot plenty of other wildlife, like white-tailed deer and armadillos.

If you are hanging out in northern Belize, perhaps in Belize City, Corozal, or even Ambergris Caye, and you want to enjoy some hiking in Belize, you might consider heading to the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. Although hiring a boat and getting out on the water is recommended at Crooked Tree, you can always trek your way about if you want. In southern Belize, the Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve offers up some of the best Belize trails for trekking. You'll find the trails here to not only be extensive, but also well-maintained. Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve is known as being the world's only jaguar preserve, which is quite an admirable tag. You'll also find, and can also hike, Belize's tallest mountain here, Victoria Peak, which tops out at 3,675 feet. Besides a jaguar, you might spot a hefty Baird's tapir here, or perhaps a scarlet macaw. The flora and fauna will certainly amaze you.

Heading back up into the Cayo District, the Blue Hole National Park is certainly a great place to check out some Belize trails. The swimming hole found here is what gives the park its name, and you'll want to make sure not to confuse it with Belize's Blue Hole on Lighthouse Reef, or else your guide might take you out to sea instead. The main trail network in Blue Hole National Park is relatively short, but you can always opt to hike further in to explore St. Herman's Cave. This park is easy to access, as it's found right off the Hummingbird Highway. Bring snorkel gear if you have it to explore the Blue Hole here. Further on down the Hummingbird Highway, you'll find Five Blues Lake National Park, which is also great for hiking in Belize. The blue lakes here that give the park its name are stunning to observe, and you can hike around limestone cliffs, or explore a few caves on the side. As mentioned earlier, hiking in Belize can include Mayan ruins, as many of the best Mayan sites in Belize are surrounded by jungle and trekking trails. El Caracol, for example, is set deep within the Chiquibil Forest Reserve, so you'll be able to enjoy the flora and fauna as much as you will the jaw-dropping ruins. Belize hiking tours are easy to arrange, especially if you are staying near your trekking destination. Most hotels in Belize offer tour/travel desks, and finding reputable tour companies at all the top tourist destinations takes no time at all.



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