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Belize vacations are everything you could want them to be, and more. There is no end to the list of fun things to do in Belize, and if you like the outdoors, this is certainly an ideal place for you. Boasting warm year-round weather and a ranging landscape, Belize offers something for everyone. Even if your vacation to Belize is a short one, it will provide memories for a lifetime. The stunning turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea, or the distinct call of howler monkeys are not things you will soon forget. Belize vacation packages are aplenty, and they are worth booking if you want to leave all the planning up to someone else. Many Belize vacation packages highlight the best that Belize has to offer both inland and off the coast. For those who like to travel on a whim, going wherever the wind takes them, Belize's small size is definitely an advantage. At the drop of a hat, you can trade in a jungle setting for an island one, and you won't have to spend a lot of time traveling in between.

Belize vacations can be as busy, or as unbusy as you want them to be. Many travel companies that offer Belize vacation packages allow you to more or less tailor the package to fit your wants and needs, so you can pile on a bunch of activities, or add just a couple here and there. While some Belize vacation packages offer activities that include destinations all over the country, others focus more on a specific region. Should you be heading on your vacation to Belize without a plan, you'll be happy to know that finding a reputable tour company is as easy as can be. Most of the recommendable Belize hotels offer tour desks of their own, and if they don't have in-house guides that can get you to your destinations, then they can hook you up with ones in the area. If you only have one day to spend in say Belize City, it can be very convenient to have a tour desk at your hotel to fix you up with a trip to Altun Ha, or with a Belize City tour. Even the discount Belize hotels, of which there are many good ones, offer tour advice of some kind.

Staying at one of the Belize resorts or hotels on the coast or on one of the cayes is a good way to ensure opportunities to enjoy the world-class Belize scuba diving and fishing. All up and down the Belize coast the Belize Barrier Reef is never too far off, and it's an excellent spot to snorkel, dive, or cast a line. Head a bit further out to sea, and your Belize fishing could be of the deep sea variety. Fishing tours and packages are available for anglers enjoying a vacation to Belize, and the same goes for scuba diving and snorkeling, not to mention sailing. Sailing in Belize is certainly worth adding to the agenda, especially if you are qualified to rent and operate your own boat. Cruising around the Caribbean Sea and stopping at isolated cayes is hardly a bad way to spend a few days. While you're near the coast in Belize, you might entertain the notion of adding a little bit of Belize golf to the picture. The picture-perfect course on the small island of Caye Chapel should be more than enough to satisfy those who like to tee it up every now and again.

Hiking, caving, and birdwatching are just a few of the fun activities that can also be enjoyed on vacations in Belize. Should you be looking to enjoy the best that inland Belize has to offer, you can't go wrong spending time in the Cayo District. Besides offering some of the best Belize caves, rivers, and jungles, the Cayo District is also home to impressive Mayan ruins like Cahal Pech and El Caracol. Speaking of Mayan ruins in Belize, there are sites worth visiting in northern Belize, western Belize, and southern Belize. Also, many of the caves in Belize were once used as ritual centers by the ancient Maya, and you'll often find proof of this when exploring them. The various Mayan sites in Belize are often included in many of the Belize vacation packages. Speaking of Belize vacation packages, there are a good amount of all inclusive ones out there that can include a range of destinations and activities in the price. These all inclusive packages also include your meals and accommodations, so they are very low stress indeed.

Plan your vacation to Belize today, and treat yourself to an unpretentious getaway where it's really all about enjoying life. The people here are laid-back and friendly, the weather is nice, and you will certainly never get bored unless you want to be. Not many countries in the world can claim to offer as much as Belize can, even those that are 10 or more times the size. Getting around Belize is made easy by the effective and efficient air and bus systems, and you can always rent a car should you please. You just might want to go with a 4x4 of some kind if you can, though sticking to the main roads will be o.k. in a sedan. Wherever you go in Belize, and however you get there, fun will be just around every corner. Should you be lucky, you might even get to include one of the Belize events in your vacation to Belize. The San Pedro Lobsterfest in June is surely an appetizing affair!



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