Belize International Bus Routes

There are a few different ways you can get to Belize, and one of them is by bus. There are a limited, yet sufficient amount of Belize international bus routes to and from surrounding countries, and you can even hop on a bus in Texas to get here. While flying to Belize or arriving by cruise ship are certainly among your transportation options, it might just be cheaper and easier to go by bus if you have the time. The bus from Cancun to Belize is ideal for those who are interested in crossing the border as it is quite convenient, not to mention affordable. Once you arrive in Belize, getting to your main destination(s) will then be possible by bus as well. Keep in mind that the buses in Belize aren't always the most comfortable means of getting from one place to another, but there are some that are more luxurious than others.

The Belize international bus routes are quite sufficient enough, and as mentioned you can find a bus to Belize as far away as Texas. It might take you 35 hours to get from Texas to Belize, but what you'll see along the way is often enough to more than adequately pass the time. At various points along the southern border of the United States, you can hop on a bus first for Mexico City. From Mexico City, it's on to Chetumal, which is a southern Mexico city found just north of the Belize border. Should you be spending some time in Cancun, Mexico before coming to Belize, then you can surely hop on a bus from Cancun to Belize. Actually, you'll probably have to jump on two buses. You will again likely make a stop first in Chetumal. The trip by bus from Cancun to Belize is a relatively easy one, especially since most, if not all of the buses that travel the route are air-conditioned. Once you get to Chetumal, you can then cross the border by bus to the Belize town of Corozal, or you can hop on a bus to Belize City. The premier class Batty Bus that carries passengers from Chetumal to Belize City is more comfortable than you may imagine. If you can't catch the Batty Bus, then it's likely four hours in an old U.S. school bus.

Should you fly into Belize City and be looking to head inland to the Cayo District, which is a popular agenda, then you can hop on the Belize City San Ignacio bus. Most people who arrive in Belize City and then are off to catch a bus elsewhere usually hail a cab from the airport to the bus station. Finding a Belize City San Ignacio bus is a pretty easy thing to accomplish as there is frequent service. The Belize City San Ignacio bus leaves pretty much every half hour during the day in Belize City, and when it's time to return to Belize City for your flight out, you'll have just as much luck finding a return bus at the San Ignacio bus station. They depart almost as regularly as those in Belize City. The trip only takes about 2 ½ hours, and the price is surely nice.

Some visitors to San Ignacio are interested in visiting nearby Guatemala as well, and if this is the case for you, then you will probably be interested in finding a Belize to Guatemala bus. First off, you should know that you'll have to stop at the border on the Belize to Guatemala bus, and you will required to pay a pretty substantial border fee of around $40. The most common Belize to Guatemala bus leaves from San Ignacio and arrives in the Guatemala tourist haven of Flores. Flores is the travel base for Guatemala's Peten Region, so from there you will be able to connect with other top destinations in Guatemala. A good amount of visitors to western Belize like to take the Belize to Guatemala bus to help them get to the Mayan ruins at Tikal. Booking a Tikal tour in Flores is a most simple task, and it's certainly the best Guatemalan city from which to do so. Flores, Guatemala is definitely one of the top destinations found on the Belize international bus routes. This is in part due to the fact that those looking to travel by land between Honduras and Belize must pass through Flores.

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