Belize Caves

When visiting Belize, it's highly recommended that at some point you enter the realm of Xibalba. Xibalba was the Mayan term for the mystical and spiritual realm found within caves. The ancient Maya used caves for ritual purposes and for burial grounds and such, and in the Belize caves, you'll often see evidence of this. Belize cave tours are among the most popular of all the Belize tours, and you'll have no problem arranging one. There are believed to be thousands of Belize caves, as limestone lines much of the country's land surface. While some of the caves in Belize present a challenge to not only get to, but to then navigate, others are easy to access and thus ideal for those less-inclined to want to do a bunch of hiking and such. Belize cave tubing, which can be enjoyed during the June-November wet season, is a great way to experience some of the caves in Belize, and it's quite an unforgettable experience. Stalactites, stalagmites, and other kinds of marvelous sights await those who enter the magical Belize caves.

The most extensive and most visited network of Belize caves is found in the western part of the country, namely the Cayo District. Some people will base themselves in the Cayo capital of San Ignacio, in the country capital city of Belmopan, or at one of the area lodges if they are coming to enjoy Belize cave tours. However, even if you are hanging out in hot spots like Belize City, Placencia, or Ambergris Caye, you can still find tours that will visit the best Belize caves. Belize's small size is definitely an advantage in that regard. The Caves Branch System in the Cayo District is one of the best places to enjoy Belize cave tubing and other Belize cave tours. The "River of Caves" tubing trip is certainly one of the best of all the Belize cave tubing adventures, offering seven miles of underground tubing. Imagine floating through a cave on an inner tube as the current carries you through a world of wonders. Canoeing through a cave in Belize is surely a big thrill, and in the Cayo District, you can perhaps best enjoy this at Barton Creek Cave. The canoes are equipped with high-power lights that let you see things like Mayan skeletal remains and beautiful high-ceiling cathedral chambers. Bring a camera for sure!

Che Chem Ha Cave is easily reached from San Ignacio Town, and it's surely among the more popular destinations for those seeking Belize Cave tours. Visitors here meet at the Morales Farm, and then it's a 45-minute hike to get to the cave. The hike is uphill, so you'll want to consider that first. In fact, before taking any Belize cave tours, it's a good idea to fully understand what they entail. Some might have you climbing bush ladders, wedging through tight rock formations, rapelling down a rock face, and so on. Che Chem Ha Cave certainly warrants the effort required to get to it, and it is known for its impressive collection of ancient Maya pottery. More Maya pottery and skeletal remains can be viewed inside The Aktun Tunichil Mucknal Cave, which is a huge Belize tourist attraction for adventure-minded visitors. There are so many interesting Maya artifacts to see here that it's almost mind-boggling. The sparkling bones of a young Maya girl are quite something to behold, and they lend to the cave's label of "Cave of the Stone Sepulcher".

You won't need flashlights or headlamps to explore the Rio Frio Cave in western Belize's Mountain Pine Ridge area. This is a perfect cave-related Belize tourist attraction for those looking for a simpler adventure. During the dry season, the river dries up enough in the half-mile-long cave to allow hikers to pass through easily. The natural light is enough to see once inside, and you'll no doubt be impressed by the 65-foot entrance hole. Rio Frio Cave is also a good cave in Belize for those who are claustrophobic, as many others can get quite cramped at certain points during exploration. It's always a good idea to bring an extra flashlight and set of batteries if you're going on Belize cave tours where there is no real natural light in specific areas. There is a certain amount of risk associated with Belize cave tours, so that should be understood ahead of time, and as such, going with qualified guides is usually the ideal. Enjoying yourself usually just requires using common sense and staying safe. Other than that, it's all about taking it in.

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