Great Blue Hole Diving

Great Blue Hole diving is something that every diving enthusiast should consider enjoying at some point during their lives. After all, Jacques Cousteau ranked the deep sinkhole among the world’s top ten diving destinations after paying a visit in the early 1970's. That alone should give you an idea of the quality that is associated with the Great Blue Hole when it comes to diving in Belize.

Diving excursions that feature the Great Blue Hole are easy to arrange while in Belize. These excursions usually last a full day, and Ambergris Caye is a popular embarkation point. Once at the Great Blue Hole site, divers enter the water with a guide and begin their descent to the rim of the hole. This rim lies about 30 feet below the water’s surface. From there, the descent continues. Once in the Great Blue Hole, divers will notice that the upper reaches are comprised of little more than rock wall. Deeper down, caves and stalactites await.

As for marine life, those who engage in Great Blue Hole diving often spot cleaning shrimp, groupers, angelfish, and nurse sharks. Should divers wish, some guides are known to chum the waters in an attempt to attract reef, bull, and hammer head sharks. It should also be noted that around the Great Blue Hole rim, there are elkhorn coral, purple seafans, gorgonian fans, sponges, and encrusting worms.

Great Blue Hole diving can be enjoyed year round. As for the best time to dive, February to May is arguably the period of choice, as this is when the chance of rain is at its slimmest. In relation to divers themselves, those wishing to explore the deeper depths of the Great Blue Hole should have plenty of diving experience. Divers who aren’t as experienced are encouraged to stay near the rim of the hole. Anyone who lacks any real diving experience can look instead to arrange a Great Blue Hole snorkeling excursion.

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