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So you want to enjoy some top beaches in Belize and are wondering where to find them. The small, Creole village of Placencia is the best place to start. Placencia Belize is without question the top beach destination in the country, and the Placencia beaches are sure to prove both relaxing and refreshing, not only for body, but for mind and soul as well. When planning your Belize vacation, you will soon read or hear about how laid-back of a country it is. This is true, but it doesn't get any more laid-back in Belize than Placencia, which is saying quite a lot. Placencia is located in the southern quarter of Belize's Caribbean coast, some 150 miles south of Belize City. You can get here by plane, bus, or rental car from Belize City, and each of these transportation options is easy enough to arrange. Renting a car is possible once you get here, but the village is so small that getting around by foot or moped is usually a much better option.

Placencia travel certainly offers some of the best that Belize has to offer. The mix of Maya, Creole, and Garifuna cultures makes it uniquely rich in a cultural regard, while the beaches and nearby cayes will swiftly cause you to kick your cares to the curb. Though hanging out at the Placencia beaches is a big part of Placencia travel, you can also enjoy the water by getting out and doing a bit of fishing, scuba diving, and/or sailing. Oh yes, this place certainly has plenty to keep you busy or happily un-busy. "Tis the mark of a truly great travel destination.

The soft and sandy Placencia beaches stretch for some 16 miles, so you can be sure to find yourself a nice spot to throw down a towel and call it a day, or at least an hour. When you're up for trading in the beach for a bit of exploring, as hard as that can sometimes be, there are nearby rainforests and jungle rivers that beckon the adventurous. Nature lovers will enjoy Placencia travel just as much as the beachgoers will, and there are plenty of knowledgeable guides in town that can help you appreciate the local flora and fauna. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is certainly worth a visit. You can also visit Maya ruins near Placencia Belize, which will surely add extra depth to your trip. One of the more popular things to do on a Placencia vacation is take a trip down the Monkey River. Some of the motor launches that take this route also allow guests to kayak down the Monkey River, which is something to consider trying. Besides the occasional manatee, other creatures you might spot on your Monkey River trip are howler monkeys, green iguana, boa constrictors, and crocodiles. There is actually a small fishing village named Monkey River where the bulk of these tours depart.

The Monkey River trips can get a bit crowded during the peak season, though they are every bit worth it regardless. If you want your sailing experience in Placencia Belize to be a bit more leisurely, you can always arrange a private sailing trip. There are a number of great sailing options here to fit a range of budgets and tastes, and speaking of tastes, you might be interested in booking a dinner cruise at least. Overnight sailing trips aboard luxurious crafts are a good way to treat yourself to something special, and visiting nearby cayes to explore a bit is surely to put a smile on your face. Fly-fisherman will find the world-class saltwater flats found at Placencia to be all they could want and more. Sportfishing for dorado, wahoo and tuna is on the rise, and you can also drop a line in a lagoon or river. Should you be enjoying Placencia travel in June, you might be lucky enough to catch the Placencia Lobsterfest. It's without question one of the top Belize events for fisherman, as this is also when the Placencia Fishing Tournament enjoys its two-day swing. Placencia fishing on a charter boat is just one more way to get out on the water here.

The Placencia hotels will provide travelers with an ample lodging variety, with the more budget-friendly picks found in and around town. North of town, the Placencia beaches get wider, as well as more isolated, and this is where many of the more expensive accommodations are found. Placencia villas are ideal for those looking to enjoy added space, comfort, and flexibility, while those wanting it more simple might consider staying at an in-town guesthouse. Should you book one of the Placencia villas that are tied to one of the resorts, you'll not only enjoy a most comfortable stay. You'll also be able to take advantage of a host of resort activities and area tour options. Belize real estate is on the rise, and Placencia villas are certainly something to consider investing in. New gated developments like Villas at Palencia are just some of the places you might look. If you don't retire to your villa in Palencia, you can always rent it out as a vacation property when you are not enjoying it. If you live up north, it would sure be nice to come down to Belize in the winter to dabble in some Palencia fishing or soak up some sun on the Placencia beaches. Palencia Belize and the surrounding area are growing as word travels around the world about how good of a destination this is. Include it as a destination in your Belize trip, and you'll understand why.

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