San Pedro Belize

The wonderful town of San Pedro Belize is the main hub on beautiful Ambergris Caye. Boasting a laid-back atmosphere where golf carts, bicycles and walking are the main means of transportation, San Pedro is an ideal place for a relaxing getaway that revolves around fun in the sun. Once just a fishing village, San Pedro town is now a complete vacation destination. You can certainly still enjoy great fishing on your San Pedro vacation, but it's just one of the favorite activities here. Helping to make a San Pedro vacation all the more enjoyable is the healthy selection of San Pedro hotels. There is a bigger concentration of accommodations choices in San Pedro than pretty much anywhere else in the country, so you should have no problem finding lodging that fits your wants and needs. Perhaps you'll choose to stay outside of town at one of the Ambergris Caye resorts. There are certainly some nice options there.

Ambergris Caye is the largest of Belize's 200-plus islands, though at just 25 miles long and no more than a half-mile wide at any spot, it's hardly gigantic. Under a mile to the east of Ambergris Caye is the Belize Barrier Reef, where some of the best scuba diving in the world can be enjoyed. Since San Pedro has become such a top Belize vacation destination, it has certainly seen increased visitor numbers. The main street in San Pedro tends to get congested with all kinds of traffic, from pedestrians to the increasing cars, but it's sandy streets, colorful houses, and proximity to turquoise seas does its part to make that bit of nuisance quite bearable.

On your San Pedro vacation, you might notice that quite a few locals speak both English and Spanish. Though the British were the first to found Ambergris Caye after it was abandoned by the Maya, San Pedro Town wasn't actually founded until the mid-1800"s, when Mestizo refugees from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula came seeking a safer place to live. The English officials welcomed these Spanish-speaking newcomers, basically overseeing and benefitting from their fishing and farming achievements. By the early 1900"s, chicle, which was once the prime base for chewing gum, was being bled from the sapodilla trees in the San Pedro area, and since this brought in income, San Pedro Belize realized significant growth at the time. The chicle boom would eventually wear out by the 1930"s, making way for a thriving lobster industry. Fishing and tourism together would become the cornerstones of San Pedro's economy, and by 1984, this one-time village was officially labeled a town. San Pedro Town has grown up quite a lot since then.

Though you might think that hitting a beach is a top San Pedro Ambergris Caye activity, you will be surprised to know that there really aren't any true beaches here. Where the island meets the sea, the thin strips of sand are generally not even wide enough for you to throw a beach blanket or towel down. Also, much of the bottom of the sea near land is awash with sea grass that makes swimming near the shore a bit uncomfortable, if not scary. You never know what might be lurking below. Some of the oceanfront San Pedro hotels and Ambergris Caye resorts have created their own little beach and swimming areas, so you might stay at one that does if you want to enjoy the water that way. There are a good amount of tour and travel agencies here that can help you maximize your San Pedro Ambergris Caye vacation, and the resorts can also help you plan your fishing, snorkeling, boating, or scuba diving excursions. When you're not enjoying a fun-filled area activity or taking it all in from an oceanfront vantage point, you'll likely find the time to dabble in some San Pedro shopping and dining. The shops here are mostly of the souvenir variety, and seafood reigns supreme, of course. When nighttime settles in, you'll find a pretty good bar scene in San Pedro, with a few places offering live music from time to time.

It's surely the scuba diving that gets the bulk of the attention in San Pedro Belize, as the nearby Belize Barrier Reef takes is the Western Hemisphere's longest coral reef. The chance to dive the Blue Hole is also a treat for even the most seasoned divers. The water clarity off Ambergris Caye means that diving visibility is excellent , and it takes just 10-20 minutes by boat from San Pedro to get to some of the best dive spots. If scuba diving makes you a bit nervous, you can always try snorkeling, take a ride in a glass-bottom boat, or choose fishing instead. On your San Pedro vacation, you can take advantage of some of the world's best permit, tarpon and bonefish sport fishing. Other fun things to do here include parasailing and windsurfing. Whatever you choose to do in San Pedro, you'll be happy to know that getting here to enjoy it will be pretty easy. From both the international and municipal airports in Belize City you can hop on any one of the many daily flights. You can also go by boat from Belize City, with the majority of crafts shoving off near the Swing Bridge area.

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