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The good thing about planning vacations in Belize is that there really isn't a bad time to go. Now, many folks who know plenty about Belize will tell you that December through May is the best time to plan a Belize getaway, and on the whole, they are correct. But, that doesn't mean that visiting outside of these months will necessarily make for less of a trip. For one thing, the off-season is a better time to find Belize travel deals. During the peak season, which coincides with the Belize dry season, the Belize hotels and resorts are known to raise their rates, sometimes pretty significantly. Also, flights to Belize will generally cost more if you travel during the peak season. Belize travel deals can be found at any time of year, however, so even if you decide to go during the peak season, you can often find ways to save some money. Finding really good Belize travel deals really depends on how flexible you are with your travel plans. Flying out two days later than you may have originally planned, for example, could save you quite a chunk of change.

The busy season for Belize travel gets its busiest around Christmas and Easter. This is when you can expect rates at hotels and such to be at their utmost highest, and you will most certainly want to book your hotel, car rental, and tours in advance if those apply. As you might notice, the Belize peak season corresponds with the cold winter season further up north. Without doubt, countless Belize tourists come looking to escape the cold back home. Occasionally during the winter months in Belize, it can get a bit cold, which means somewhere in the 60"s. This is because cold fronts from the north known as "Northers" can sometimes have an effect as far south as Belize. If enjoying the Belize warmth and sunshine is tops on your list, then March through May is the best time to plan your Belize getaway, as you'll avoid any stray "Northers". Though Belize has a rainy season, which runs from June to November, this can often just mean a short, daily afternoon shower. It tends to rain more in southern Belize than it does in the north, so if you are headed to Punta Gorda or Placencia during the rainy season, for example, you can generally expect some pretty good downpours. Up north on Ambergris Caye, you might not even notice it's the rainy season. It can rain up to 150 inches in one year in southern Belize, while in northern Belize, you might only expect an average yearly rainfall of around 50 inches.

Belize has been struck by its fair share of hurricanes in the past, and there is little doubt that more of these powerful storms will hit the country again. From late August to mid-October, Belize experiences the peak of its hurricane season. If you want nothing to do with risking your Belize getaway to a hurricane, then you will avoid these months. When planning vacations to Belize, you won't have to worry about stuffing your suitcase full of cold-weather clothes. Belize stays warm year round, even in the higher inland altitudes. It can get cooler in the Cayo District and at other Belize destinations that are found inland, so you will want to bring at least a sweatshirt or jacket (preferably waterproof) if you plan to explore the mainland. Out on the cayes and along the Belize coast, you will not likely need warm clothes of any kind, though it's still a good idea to bring a few layers, especially if you are looking to go sailing.

Belize family vacations can be enjoyed year round, and there are many great Belize hotels and resorts to choose from that can offer families spacious and comfortable accommodations. Ideally, Belize family vacations will take place during the peak season. The sunnier and dryer days are simply more conducive to enjoying all the activities that you have planned. Being holed up in a hotel room, no matter how spacious it may be, can be a difficult thing, not only for the kids, but also for the parents. If you are planning Belize family vacations or any other kind of Belize vacations, sometimes deciding when to go revolves mostly around the kind of activity you want to enjoy most. If fishing is your pleasure, there are seasonal tendencies that can affect the kind of fish you can expect to catch. Should you want to enjoy sailing in Belize, going during the hurricane season might not be the best idea. You might also plan your Belize vacation around a certain event, holiday, or festival. The San Pedro Carnival, which takes place in February on Ambergris Caye, for example, is a rockin' good time that might just be right up your alley.



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