Arenal Volcano

Since bursting into the sky in 1968, the Arenal Volcano of Costa Rica has been constantly active, glowing in the night and sending lava flowing down towards the north. The area around is filled with prime opportunities for tourists, like the Tabacon Hot springs, whose geothermal pool are warmed by hot streams which flow from the base of the volcano. Lake Arenal is a great drive as well. A road runs from the town of La Fortuna past a lookout point facing the northern side of El Arenal and continues around the lake and down to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. You could spend days exploring this part of northwestern Costa Rica.

Nowadays, places like Tabacon Hot Springs, the Arenal Lodge, and other tourist's haven have sprung up around the volcano. There is something thrilling about seeing the fiery red glow from the summit in the blue skies of the tropical dusk. And even though this country is filled with volcanoes, the Arenal Costa Rica is without doubt the most picturesque of them all. Daily there are at least five small explosions, and some can even be heard, the lava flows easily visible. 10 hours before its 1968 explosion, there was 10 hours of earthquakes in the area, so the residents here remember this and don"t panic when there is a small eruption.

Arenal National Park

There have been major events in El Arenal, some as recent as 2000. Areas around the volcano are evacuated and extreme precautions are taken. This area is carefully monitored to avoid the catastrophe that occurred in 1968. Arenal Costa Rica is s highlight of any visit to country, and for visitors who have never experienced an active volcano, it is an experience that will rock you to your very core.

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