Arenal Volcano Tours

Arenal Volcano tours can involve a variety of fun activities. Among these activities is hiking. The 29,692-acre Arenal Volcano National Park is home to numerous hiking trails, and they pass through all kinds of interesting landscapes. These landscapes include lava fields and secondary forest areas. Also worth noting is the fact that hikers who take to the Arenal Volcano trails are likely to spot some fascinating animals. Tapirs, monkeys, parrots, and brown magpies are just some of the creatures that populate the area.

In addition to hiking, those who choose to enjoy Arenal Volcano tours often find themselves rappelling down waterfalls, rafting on raging rivers, biking to a nature reserve, soaking in soothing hot springs, and horseback riding around scenic Lake Arenal. Flying through the forest canopy on a zip line is just one more activity option, and there are tours that highlight the area’s plant life. Suffice it to say that there are Arenal Volcano tours to suit a variety of tastes and preferences, and it is good to know that there are plenty of local tour guides who speak English.

Arenal Volcano tours can last a little more than an hour or cover the better part of a day. The longer tours tend to mix a number of activities together, and both food and beverages are most often provided. Regardless of the tour length or the chosen activities, transportation is usually included, and there are many local tour companies that even offer to pick guests up at their Arenal Volcano hotels. It is little wonder why the Arenal Volcano tours are so popular when you consider just how enticing they are, and it could be argued that no Costa Rica vacation would be complete without adding at least one to the itinerary.

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