Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica is a country that deserves its name meaning "rich coast." This country has the perfect location for beach lovers around the world. Located on the southern part of Central America, the Costa Rican coast spans over 1,000 miles along the Pacific and Gulf Coasts. With so many miles of coastline, Costa Rica offers every type of beach imaginable from white sands, to black sands, to rocky beaches. The Costa Rican coast proves to be nearly as diverse as the rainforest inland.

Not only do visitors get the luxury of choosing their beach type, but Costa Rica's location near the equator and on the warm Gulf Coast gives this place year-round warm weather, making a Costa Rica beach the ultimate vacation spot any time of the year. With such a wide array of options and opportunities, a trip to the beach in Costa Rica can cater to anyone's wants. Whether visitors are visiting Costa Rica beaches to enjoy the area's rich ecotourism opportunities or experience extreme outdoor activities, there is a beach in Costa Rica for everyone.

Costa Rica is most known for its rich rainforest and ecotourism. Ticos (Costa Ricans) are proud of their unique ecosystem and are proud to show it off. Costa Rica beach vacations can easily include trips to the nearby rainforests, tours to witness endangered sea turtles laying eggs, or scuba diving to observe the exciting habitats of the offshore reefs. Some of the most popular beaches along the Costa Rican coast for ecotourism are Tortuguero, Manuel Antonio, and Playa Grande.

The beach in Costa Rica is a surfer's dream. Many of the beaches, especially those located on the Pacific Coast have been rated as some of the best surf locations of the world. Many beaches, including Jaco Beach, Playa Hermosa, and Playa Grande, offer consistent surf breaks and an atmosphere to support this laid-back lifestyle. The best beaches for surfing are Jaco Beach, Playa Grande, and the Playa Hermosa, which is located on the Central Pacific Coast just north of Jaco Beach.

Hotels along the Costa Rica beaches are another diverse aspect of Costa Rica beach vacations. Visitors can choose luxury or budget accommodations in a Costa Rica beach front hotel, or stay farther inland. Hotels are not the only form of Costa Rica beach accommodation. Beach rentals, camping, and hostels are other popular choices for visitors.

Atmosphere is another important choice in planning Costa Rica beach vacations. Costa Rican beaches range from quiet wildlife refuge beaches with little or no development, to resort towns with casinos and a lively nightlife scene. Some of the quieter beaches include Tortuguero and Manuel Antonio, both of which are part of national parks and focus on wildlife and ecosystem conservation. Jaco Beach and Playa Flamingo are known as tourist hotspots, offering casinos, luxury hotels, and streets lined with shops, bars, and nightclubs.

To make it easy, the Costa Rica beaches can be divided into three locations. Beaches on the Northern Pacific Coast, also known as the Guanacaste Coast, are some the most developed and popular in the country. This region holds a majority of the luxury resort towns. The Southern Pacific Coast tends to hold the more remote beaches. The Costa Rican coast on the Gulf tends to be a popular destination for spring breakers and is very touristy and fun.

With over 1,000 miles of beautiful coastline, ranging everywhere from white sand resort towns, to heavily protected wildlife sanctuary, Costa Rica easily lives up to its name. Visitors planning Costa Rica beach vacations are in for a treat.

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