Costa Rica Car Rentals

Most flights arriving in Costa Rica arrive at the capitol of San Jose. A Costa Rica car rental is a great way to get around at your own pace. Roads in this country are often in bad shape, so you will need some patience if you are going to be driving a rental car in Costa Rica.

Taxis are a great and inexpensive way to get around. Rates are generally the same from taxi to taxi, since the taxi union sets them. For those who want to avoid the perils of driving in the dark and rain over potholed roads, this can be a great alternative.

If you do decide you want to make driving a Costa Rica rental car part of your Central America adventure, you might just want to err on the side of caution and rent a 4x4 vehicle. National, ADA, Exotic, Dollar and Budget can all provide you with a rental car in Costa Rica.

Driving in this country can be quite an adventure; the drivers speed up instead of slowing down if there is a pedestrian ahead, and they are even less courteous to other drivers. Brace yourself and put yourself in a aggressive frame of mind, especially in the congested streets of larger cities, or you will not get anywhere.

There are smaller Costa Rica car rental companies with vehicles that are used, or old. The importance of having a reliable, new car cannot be stressed enough. This is another good reason to choose a Costa Rica rental car over a taxi, which are likely to break down as well. This is a rugged country and many of its best features are in remote places with rough terrain.

Insurance is another aspect of a rental car in Costa Rica that you have to consider if you decide to drive there. The insurance market is Costa Rica is run by a government monopoly. This makes choosing insurance when you book a car a totally different experience than in the US and other countries. Many Costa Rica car rental companies will detail the various options for you. A regular car is going to need the standard insurance, which is $12 a day with coverage up to $950. 4x4 vehicles will need the $15 daily coverage and has a deductible of up to $1500. Tires, Gasoline, and personal items are not under coverage. Your insurance claim can be invalidated if you drive across rivers, beaches, or any roads not marked on a map. You can avoid any problems with insurance claims in case of an accident by making sure the driver is the same person on the car rental contract, that they are over 21 years old and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving a rental car in Costa Rica can be an exciting experience. Having this information helps to ensure a safe, stress-free and enjoyable adventure.

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