Costa Rica Holidays

Holidays to Costa Rica are easier than ever to plan, as more and more Costa Rica locals are English-speaking. Costa Rica holidays allow travel-hungry visitors to enjoy tropical beaches, biologically diverse rainforests and picturesque national parks that teem with native species.

With every passing day, it seems that the options for Costa Rica vacation deals get better and better, and with new hotels and resorts springing up in such prime destinations as Guanacaste and Manuel Antonio National Park, finding the right place to rest your head at night is the least of your worries.

Weddings in Costa Rica are another reason that foreigners come to this beautiful Central American country. Most top resorts and hotels have wedding facilities and on-site planners, and independent Costa Rica wedding planners exist in force to make sure that every little touch is correctly administered. There are Costa Rica hotels to fit all budgets, which makes a holiday here ideal for just about anyone. With a new international airport in Liberia, Costa Rica holidays have recently become more flexible, allowing you to arrive closer to some of the hottest destinations. Holidays to Costa Rica include a number of package possibilities, all which generally have a main theme. Honeymoon packages, family packages, bird watching packages and even packages that mix both the "rough" and the "smooth". You can spend the better part of one week out exploring the country's beaches and national parks, then spend the next relaxing in style.

If you want to keep adventure at a minimum and are in the mood to be pampered instead, you can always find a Costa Rica holiday package that puts luxury at a premium. Among the most popular holidays in Costa Rica, however, include a little bit of everything. Once you land in San Jose, your guide will meet you, and no sooner does the excitement begin. You can hike near the Arenal Volcano one day, and enjoy the Tamarindo beaches of Guanacaste the next. After that, your holiday package might see you heading into the rainforest for a canopy tour. All the while, you will be staying in top resorts and transportation will be taken care of. This is just one possible itinerary, though, and more often than not, you can have it just how you want it. Customizing the trip to fit your desires and needs is surely an option. Generally, your international airfare will be separate from your Costa Rica holidays package, but with a list of major carriers offering flights to Costa Rica, it is usually possible to find good deals in that department.

Helping to make Costa Rica holidays more flexible and enjoyable is the growing list of vacation rentals found around the country. There are luxury holiday rentals in Costa Rica, as well as some nice, moderately priced ones, so they aren't reserved only for those with deep pockets. You can find flights to Costa Rica from major cities around the world, but since there are currently no direct flights here from the UK, you will have to layover at some point if that is your region of origin. British Airways and Iberia Airlines are two European companies that offer flights to Costa Rica, and major US carriers like American Airlines and Continental Airlines also have flights heading here from a list of major cities. So plan your holidays to Costa Rica now and see just how easy it can be. Chances are that when you return home, you will find yourself fancying the idea of investing in some Costa Rica real estate so that you can have your own tropical home away from home.

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