Costa Rica Monkeys

Costa Rica is most known for its lush rainforest, and where there are rainforests, there are monkeys. Costa Rica is home to four species of monkeys: the white-faced Capuchin, the spider monkey, the squirrel monkey, and the howler monkey. Like bird watching, monkey watching has become a popular activity for most tourists. Costa Rica monkeys are found throughout the country and are a thrill to see.

Monkeys in Costa Rica, like all animals in Costa Rica, populate certain areas. The Capuchin monkeys, which are Costa Rica"s most popular monkey, are small brown monkeys with a distinctive white face. These monkeys inhabit a large number of areas. They live in the cloud forests, as well as the lowland mangroves. Capuchins are usually seen in large numbers, traveling from tree to tree via the highest branches. One of the most popular places to see these adorable monkeys is Manuel Antonio National Park, where they have been known to snatch picnic food from visitors.

The other three species of Costa Rica monkeys are found less often throughout the country. The spider monkey is a long slender monkey with color that ranges from black to gold. These are found mostly along the canals between Tortuguero and the Costa Rican mainland. Squirrel monkeys are best known for their orange color and big dark eyes. This is also a small species and is highly endangered. These monkeys in Costa Rica are only found in Manuel Antonio and on the Osa Peninsula, and like the endangered sea turtles and macaws, these animals are protected by the government.

Lastly, the howler monkey, with its very distinctive call, is the largest of the Costa Rica monkeys. These monkeys reach about three feet tall, without their tail, and are known to be strict herbivores. Howler monkeys are usually seen along the Guanacaste Coast and on the Nicoya Peninsula. Howler monkeys are also the main attraction on the popular Monkey Trail Costa Rica.

A popular way to see any of the monkeys in Costa Rica is to take a ride down the Monkey Trail Costa Rica. The Monkey Trail Costa Rica known for giving visitors a glimpse of trees filled with monkeys. This trail is actually a road between Sardinal and Potrero. Visitors can take a drive down this road to see some of the hundreds of howler monkeys who have make this location home.

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