Retire in Costa Rica

If you are planning to change your horizons once you retire, it's a good idea to consider Costa Rica. This is especially true for those who live in the United States, as Costa Rica is a relatively short plane ride away. If you need to travel between the two countries, you should have no problem doing so both effectively and efficiently. With tourism on the rise, and more and more people around the world taking notice of the quality of life in Costa Rica, it's no wonder that Costa Rica retirement is gaining in popularity. Perhaps the biggest reason that retiring in Costa Rica is catching on is the fact that your money will go a lot further here than it will likely come close to going back home. Throw in the fact the climate is ideal and the nature is splendid, and it just keeps getting better and better.

If you are feeling a bit uncomfortable with the notion of Costa Rica retirement due to idea that it is a foreign country, you will appreciate hearing that there is a strong foreign community here. If you are coming from the States, for example, you are likely to have other Americans living close by. Being a most popular vacation destination for both Americans and Europeans, there is no shortage of like people to meet and talk with. Of course, meeting native Costa Ricans is a pleasure as well, as the "Ticos" are generally regarded as some of the most friendly people in the world. With so many possibilities for amazing tours and experiences around the country, chances are you will find some travel buddies to arrange trips with. Once you become an officially retired foreigner, you can reap the same discounts that natives do on most ecological tours. With an ample supply of stunning beaches, biologically-diverse rainforests and picturesque volcanoes, Costa Rica is a joy to explore. Also, it's relatively small size makes getting around to different areas all the more easy. Toss in the fact that Costa Rica's central location makes it a great jump-off point for trips to nearby countries, and you have an almost perfect situation.

Costa Rica beach front retirement homes are part of the reason why foreigners look into a possible Costa Rica retirement. The northwest province of Guanacaste is a particularly booming region for investors and tourists alike, and in this part of the country, you have an example of just about everything that makes Costa Rica travel so great. Other Pacific spots like Dominical and Playa Jaco are also areas in high demand, and there are plenty of other great possibilities up and down the coast to invest in Costa Rica real estate. On the Atlantic side, the province of Limon is an area of great interest for foreigners, as is Cahuita and Puerto Viejo. If your budget allows, you can entertain the notion of owning a property that costs millions, but if you aren't looking to go that big, there are Costa Rica beach front retirement homes that go for much less. It isn't uncommon to come across a nice property that is listed under or around $100,000, and if you take the time to look, you will be surprised at just how affordable retiring in Costa Rica can be.

Whatever your reason for retiring in Costa Rica, there are some things to consider as far as legalities go. If you want to live in Costa Rica, there are varying levels of legal status that one can attain. If you make a minimum of $600 a month, you can qualify for the retired status, which is known in Costa Rica as the "pensionado" status. The "rentista" status allows plenty of benefits as well, but you must show proof of a monthly income of at least $1,000 for a minimum of 5 years. To maintain these levels of status, you are required to renew a card every two years. Included in the benefits for these status levels is the ability to operate your own business. If you wish to work somewhere else within the country, you will generally be required to seek a separate permit. All foreign residents in Costa Rica are free from taxes on any income earned outside of the country's borders, so if you still are making money back home, you won't be taxed twice for it.

As a politically and economically stable country, Costa Rica offers wonderful investment opportunities, including those that can be taken advantage of by retirees. Not only can you invest in real estate here, but also in other investment markets, such as tourism, the stock market and agriculture. Should you choose to purchase property here and just want to spend a few months a year in Costa Rica, your home or condo can earn money as a vacation rental while you are gone. For those who are considering retirement in Costa Rica, it is advised that you spend a decent amount of time here first. If you can spend around six months checking everything out before you make the grand decision, it will likely serve you well in the end.

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