Costa Rica Scuba Diving

Costa Rica Scuba Diving is something that every visitor to this country should try. From the Catalina Islands in the north to the coral reefs of Tamarindo to the south, scuba diving in Costa Rica is a way for the visitor to see the hidden treasures of this country.

The diversity of the rainforest and variety of terrain in matched only by the abundance of underwater creatures. The 20 uninhabited outcrops, which make up the Catalina Islands, offer no less than 30 different Costa Rica diving spots to explore. To the north, Bat Islands has whale sharks mingling with other fishes to create a scene you could never expect. Scientists are now beginning to explore how these various species can live together harmoniously.

The visibility in this area is excellent, ranging from 20 to 60 feet. Be prepared for the occasionally strong current since some of these locations are 3 to 8 miles out at sea. You will not have one boring second, as enormous schools of snappers pass by you. Costa Rica diving offers the chance to meet some of the inhabitants the reef such as tropical fish sharks, barracudas, eagle mantas, and giant sea turtles, which live here year round. November and May are prime months for the incredible Manta Rays.

Shark in Costa Rica

The water temperature is a very comfortable 70 to 80 degrees. Unlike the Atlantic Coast, which is better suited for Costa Rica fishing, there are no rivers washing mud and debris from the rivers into the ocean and obscuring your view. From the north, strong winds from November to February can make it difficult for some boats headed to Bat Island to leave the harbor, so they will sometimes take you to the Catalina Islands instead.

Sting Ray in Costa Rica

December through May are the best months for scuba diving in Costa Rica, where you might see a giant 20 foot manta ray if you are lucky.

Octopus in Costa Rica

The best months for scuba diving in Costa Rica at the Bat Islands are March to November, were you might see a 15-foot Bull sharks, Eagle rays, pompanos, Horse-Eye jacks, and Wahoos. Whales migrate here in the winter so you will likely encounter a 35-foot whale shark, Orcas, humpback and pilot whale. Around the dive sites are other types of marine life like Octopus, giant Stingrays, Eel, Sea horses, Angel Fish, and Spinner dolphins.

Eel in Costa Rica

Though the variety of animals might sound scary, scuba diving is no more hazardous than a Costa Rica canopy tour, which has its own inherent dangers. Take a risk, and book a trip with one of the many Costa Rica scuba diving companies and you will be amazed at the wonders that lie beyond the lovely shores of Costa Rica.

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