Costa Rica Surfing

Surrounded by pristine ocean on both sides, Costa Rica surfing is an activity that many visitors come here specifically to enjoy. The combination of warm waters, clear weather, and strong ocean currents make for the best wave riding any where in the world.

On the pacific coast, Tamarindo is a top spot for surfers. Beachfront rentals and cheap hostels make this a popular place for surf camps. If you stay at a hostel you will meet other like-minded types and you are certain to meet someone else who came here just to surf Costa Rica. The nightlife is great here, for those evenings, which seem to come to soon for people who come here mainly for the surfing in Costa Rica. Playa Grande is less crowded that Tamarindo, which is only a 15-minute drive away.

Playa Hermosa, near the central pacific coast, is equally as popular as Tamarindo but has so many swells you will not have a problem finding an excellent wave to ride. Playa Hermosa"s three and a half miles of beach has some very challenging waves, adding to the relatively uncrowded feeling you will get at this Costa Rica surfing spot. The nearby Playa Jaco is a place you can find other young travelers in the surf camp shops, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Maltapalo, in the extreme south, is an out of the way place to surf Costa Rica. This area does not see a lot of visitors, but here, at secluded place where the jungle meets the beach, is a prime spot for the spiritual unity you seek with the ocean. This place is run entirely on solar power, so you will not find any nightclubs, and you will likely be enjoying your meals in your hotel. The surf is not as regular as some of the other spots, but it"s a unique place to visit, and the added challenge of making friends where there are not many new faces will be a fun adventure as well, giving you something to do in the evenings.

On the Atlantic Coast, Puerto Viejo is home to a wave well known among those who surf Costa Rica. The Salsa Brava is a wave that does not make its appearance all the time, but when it does, only the most skilled surfers should attempt it. Easier waves can be found at the Playa Cocles. At both of these places, you can find a smoky nightlife, reggae music, and a more relaxed feel than the Costa Rica surfing on the pacific side of the country, what has a great deal more beachfront development.

If you"re new to the sport, or are a season water mountain rider, surfing in Costa Rica is a fun and new experience for everyone. Instead of lying on the beach, you can get some exercise, enjoy great views of the shore and add excitement to your trip when you surf Costa Rica.

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