Tapirs in Costa Rica

The tapirs in Costa Rica are known as Baird’s tapirs. This species is native to both Central America and South America and is known as being the largest of Central America’s native land mammals. Once close to extinction, the Baird’s tapir has been faring relatively well in recent years. This is largely due to wildlife protection efforts that have been made in Costa Rica. A biological corridor for the curious creatures has actually been established in the country. It is found between the Los Santos Reserve and Corcovado National Park.

The tapirs in Costa Rica, or Baird’s tapirs, can measure up to six-and-a-half feet long. As for their weight, the heftiest examples weigh around 660 pounds. Herbivores, they dine on such things as twigs, leaves, grass, and fruit. Generally speaking, they prefer a solitary existence and can live up to 30 years. In relation to habitat, the tapirs in Costa Rica like to stay near water, and they are known for being good swimmers. Primary forests are where they thrive the most.

Baird’s tapirs are spotted in a number of places around Costa Rica. Examples of these places include the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, Rincon de la Vieja National Park, and Corcovado National Park. While tapirs are most active at dusk and during the nighttime hours, tourists in Costa Rica are known to spot them in the wild during the day. Often times, these fortunate tourists are enjoying a guided hiking and/or wildlife viewing tour.

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