Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica Vacation Spots
Costa Rica Vacation Spots

Costa Rica is most known for two things: the rainforest and the beaches. With these two elements, Costa Rica is a place of many faces. Costa Rican vacations can be tailored to meet any traveler's desire. Travel to Costa Rica can suit the needs of students, adventurers, honeymooners, spring breakers, and families.

Costa Ricans find educating others about their unique ecosystem very important. It is for this reason that so many students find their way to Costa Rica each year. During travel to Costa Rica, there is much to be learned about the rainforests, Costa Rican culture, and wildlife of this diverse country. Some popular destinations for those with their minds open to learning about Costa Rica are Tortuguero, Monteverde, and Arenal. Students with a valid college ID will also get to take advantage of discounts all across the country, which will help stretch a student's budget on trips to Costa Rica.

Adventurers could never get bored in Costa Rica. Trips to Costa Rica for the adventurer will be filled with scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, and surfing in some of the most beautiful waters of the world, as well as hiking, fishing, caving, and experiencing the breathtaking zip line tours. This group of visitors to Costa Rica would enjoy any of Costa Rica's beaches, especially those along the Central Pacific Coast.

Extending Your Dollar in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Cheap Vacations
Costa Rica Cheap Vacations

There are many ways in which tourists can save in Costa Rica without sparing good experiences by knowing where to stay, eat, and play. One of the best ways to save money on Costa Rican holidays is to make friends with the locals. Native Costa Ricans, or Ticos, are a better resource than any guidebook. Locals will know the cheapest and best places to stay and eat, and they will know from experience. It is a good idea to befriend hotel staff, most of which will gladly point tourists in the right direction. To get the cheapest hotel rates in Costa Rica, try visiting during the off season. This is the time during Costa Rica's rainy season which is May through November.

To get good food at a good price, try visiting a soda, which is the Costa Rican version of mom-and-pop shops. These offer cheap, authentic Costa Rican food and are found throughout the country. Another way to save money is to pick up meals at the markets. It is fresh local food and very inexpensive. It is a great alternative to the American fast food chains that are located in every major Costa Rican city and a lot cheaper too. However, as with street food in any country, be sure to take caution when choosing food; make sure it looks fresh and clean all fruits and vegetables before eating them.

Honeymooners can easily find a romantic getaway in any part of Costa Rica. However, trips to Costa Rica for honeymooners, especially those looking for ultimate seclusion, ends at any of the several tiny islands located just off the Costa Rican shore. Or, if cultural experiences are wanted, learn to tango. If honeymooners want accommodations on the main land, beach rentals are a popular route to go. These rentals can be very luxurious and relatively inexpensive.

Many spring breakers find their way to experiencing Costa Rican vacations each year. Their travel to Costa Rica usually ends on the Guanacaste Coast at any of the many resort towns that line the coast. Another popular destination for younger travelers is Jaco Beach, located on the Central Pacific Coast, only a few miles from San Jose. Jaco Beach is known for its great beaches and lively night scene.

Top Vacation Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica vacation spots are among the most exquisite in the world, spread out over the isthmus of Central America with gorgeous beaches, rainforests, national parks, and charming towns. Whether you are in search of some adventure, romance or peace, Costa Rica is the place to be.



From the secluded Pacific shores in the south of the country to the vivacious Caribbean coast with the distinctive Rasta culture, the beaches of Costa Rica offer something for everyone. Frequently described as the most lovely and fabulous in the world, the scenery of the Costa Rica beaches span a huge selection of landscapes, such as shores strewn with stone and grass, others lined with palms, and still others amid lush vegetation. On the southern Caribbean coast, the most beautiful beach in the country is said to reside in the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Other well known beaches include Playa Ballena, Playa Blanca, Playa Zancudo, Montezuma, Playa Conchal, Playa Santa Teresa, and Playa Flamingo.



Costa Rica is strewn with volcanoes, active as well as dormant, many that merit a visit from travelers. These include the well known Arenal, which entered a resting period in 2010. The five most notable volcanoes of Costa Rica include Poas Volcano National Park in the Central Highlands, the most active since 1910; Rincon de la Vieja Volcano in the Guanacaste region, where adventurers can hike six miles to the top of the cone; Irazu Volcano National Park, the tallest volcano in the country with the smallest crater containing a color changing mineral-rich lake; Tenorio Volcano and Miravalles Protected Zone, a smooth cinder cone rising above the surrounding forest; and Turrialba Volcano National Park, with the last major eruption taking place in 1866 and a still constant exhaust of smoke and gas from the highest peak.



The vegetation of Costa Rica is lush and flourishing year-round and sparkling from showers during the wet summer season. Wildlife of all types run through the rainforests of this country, and the landscapes of each forest ranges over a broad spectrum, from the water-saturated Tortuguero National Park, making a canoe a necessity to tour, to the Monteverde Cloud Forest in the mountainous region of the country, to the last lowland tropical forest in Corcovado National Park, and the gorgeous mix of rainforest and beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park.

So, no matter a tourist's walk of life, Costa Rica can be catered to fit anyone's needs. They have something for everyone, regardless of their interests and budget. Costa Rican vacations are fun, exotic, and truly memorable, no matter what path is taken.

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