Costa Rica Weddings

In recent years, Costa Rica has positioned itself as a prime vacation destination. The country's beautiful scenery, friendly people and agreeable climate help to make visits here ideal. As tourism has increased in Costa Rica, so has the demand for Costa Rica weddings. A good amount of weddings in Costa Rica use the setting of many a Costa Rica beach to set the right mood, while some couples might prefer to have their wedding under a natural waterfall. Planning Costa Rica weddings is getting increasingly easy, and with more and more Costa Rica resorts offering wedding-related services, there is no shortage of alluring venues. Most venues that you will likely consider for weddings in Costa Rica provide you with the basics, allowing you to add your own touches as well. There are some Costa Rica wedding customs that you must first consider if you plan to tie the knot in this beautiful country, but all in all, you'll find that there isn't too much required of you. The most important thing to worry about is having a good time, and with Costa Rica wedding packages available that provide activities for both the bride and groom and their guests, having fun on the side is usually par for the course.

Both inland and along the coasts, Costa Rica resorts and hotels offer wedding packages that are sure to take the headache out of planning your trip. If you do decide to go with a resort or hotel wedding package, they will most likely handle all the legal requirements for your ceremony. This is also true if you contract a wedding planner, of which there are many qualified ones who know the process inside and out. Costa Rica wedding tradition follows the guidelines of the Catholic Church, and you can arrange to have a Catholic ceremony if you wish. All non-residents of Costa Rica must arrange a civil service for the marriage to be legal, and generally you should submit your relevant information 10 days or more in advance. Costa Rica wedding customs require non-residents to bring valid passports, though you will not need a birth certificate or a visa. A sworn statement will be issued following the ceremony that will verify your date of birth and residence. Costa Rica wedding customs also require that at least two people bear witness to the ceremony. These people can not be close relatives, and generally, friends are the best candidates. There is no certain amount of time that you must be in Costa Rica prior to having your wedding, but you will have to wait for the official marriage Certificate to process before you get it. This can take months, but if you pay extra, it can be processed in under two weeks. Once submitted to your country's Consulate, it will be verified and sent to you.

The fun part about planning weddings in Costa Rica is deciding on the setting and venue. Being an increasingly popular place for destination weddings, Costa Rica is sure to have the right option for you. Most weddings in Costa Rica take place on the Costa Rica beaches. Tourism along the western coast of Costa Rica has been increasing significantly in past years, as more and more resort hotels are setting up shop along the stunning Pacific beaches. The new Hilton Papagayo Resort in Guanacaste, for example, occupies a most cherished spot on the Gulf of Papagayo, and its wedding services are sure to add a luxurious touch to things. Also at the Gulf of Papagayo, the Four Seasons Resort offers an event lawn with views of the Pacific, as well as an Arnold Palmer golf course where guests can enjoy some challenging rounds. At most resorts and upscale hotels, spa treatments can be enjoyed by couples and guests, as well as exciting eco-tours. Tamarindo weddings Costa Rica are also popular with those heading to Guanacaste, and now that the province features an international airport, you can get to your hotel in no time. Tamarindo is among the hottest beach towns in all of Costa Rica, and you can choose one of the new resorts or hotels here for the perfect beach ceremony. The Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas in Langosta Beach is worthy of planning memorable Costa Rica weddings, and the nearby Sueño del Mar bed and breakfast can help make that special day even more special.

Adventurous couples can add fun tours that might have them walking through a jungle canopy, or kayaking in the ocean. Sure, Costa Rica supplies a most beautiful natural backdrop for weddings, but it also boasts beautiful year round weather and plenty of options for things to do. The Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort, found near the Arenal Volcano, can arrange eco-tours and soul-rejuvenating spa treatments. If you choose to have your wedding at one of the all inclusive Costa Rica resorts, you will effectively be melding your ceremony with your honeymoon, enjoying everything you should at a top wedding destination. Lending to the enjoyment of weddings in Costa Rica is the fact that the country's sufficient infrastructure allows for the comfortable transportation of bride, groom and guests, and the country's friendly "Tico" nature surely doesn't hurt matters. The aforementioned hotels are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to amazing places for weddings in Costa Rica. On the east coast of Costa Rica, you will find resorts and hotels offering similar packages. Since Costa Rica wedding tradition usually sees a live band playing, you might choose to go with a steel drum group, or hire a reggae group to bring that Caribbean feel to your event. You might also follow a bit of Costa Rica tradition by adding characteristic Costa Rican dishes to your ceremony, or even going as far as having the bride wear a black dress, while the groom dons an embroidered shirt made by his significant other. Costa Rica is truly a magical place to have your destination wedding, and you will probably find that planning your Costa Rica wedding will be much less stressful than you might have thought.

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