Costa Rican Frog

The frogs of Costa Rica are considered national symbols. They are a very important part of Costa Rican culture, with their presence being more popular than that of the monkey. With well over a hundred species of frogs, the Costa Rican frog comes in many shapes and colors, and can be observed throughout this region of Central America. Species of the Costa Rican frog include the ever-popular red-eyed tree frog, poison dart frog, and the smokey jungle frog. Costa Rica tree frogs, such as the red-eyed tree frogs, are most known in the country, and it is this Costa Rican frog that has become famed by being a symbol of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica's many species of frogs can be found throughout the country. Some areas that offer guided wildlife tours include Tortuguero and Monteverde. Monteverde is one of the most popular places to see Costa Rica tree frogs with two varieties of the poison dart frog, the blue, and the red and green. Perhaps, if lucky, a visit to Monteverde will result in the spotting of the most popular of the frogs of Costa Rica, a golden toad. This is a popular species in Costa Rica due to the fact that it is a magnificently colored amphibian that was once found prevalently throughout Monteverde, and then seemed to disappear. Most believe this beautiful and unique Costa Rican amphibian to be extinct, though many optimists believe that it is simply waiting for the perfect season to reemerge.

Whether or not the legendary golden toad is spotted on vacation in Costa Rica, there are a large number of other frogs of Costa Rica to be observed. Costa Rica tree frogs can be seen in most trees throughout the country, and their popular presence has made them an important species to Costa Ricans, and they"re proud to show them off.

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