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Swimming, surfing, sunbathing, whale whatching and long strolls on the beach are all things that you can enjoy in and around Dominical Costa Rica. More of a village than a city, Dominical is the largest outpost in the area, and it is somewhat hard to believe that for a long time, it managed to predominantly stay off of most visitor's travel radars. That is surely changing, due largely in part to the quality of beaches in the area, as well as the nearby attractions, such as Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park to the north, and the Osa Peninsula due south. Just 18 miles from the city of San Isidro, and only some 100 miles south of San Jose, it's easy to see why Dominical is becoming quite the hot spot. You can still find some isolated beaches near Dominical, and as far as scenery goes, you should not be disappointed. For those interested in Costa Rica real estate, the Dominical area has some attractive options that are surely worth checking out.

Dominical has mountains rising behind and around it, beaches to the front and sides, and beautiful jungle terrain making up much of the immediate surroundings. The Río Barú (Barú River) empties into the Pacific Ocean at Dominical, and along the banks, birdwatchers can enjoy studying the local avian species. Since the beach at Dominical can present some pretty rough surf, the calm waters of the Río Barú are usually more ideal for casual swimmers. Speaking of the rough surf here, it is understandable why Dominical Costa Rica is popular with surfers. Both left and right breakers can be enjoyed here, especially in the month of January when the surf is perhaps at its best. Besides basking in the Río Barú, swimmers can find more agreeable conditions a few miles down the beach at Roca Verde. Here, you will find a nice sheltered cove, and if you continue heading south, there are more wonderful beaches to explore, such as Dominicalito and Playa Hermosa.

Playa Hermosa is often quiet, and its long stretch of soft sand is perfect for a nice beach stroll. Both the Dominical and Playa Hermosa beaches are unprotected, and generally, their waves can be rough, but you can certainly enjoy sunbathing and swimming. Just as long as you don't wander to or past the breaking waves, you should be alright. No more than 10 miles south of Dominical Costa Rica is another small village that is worth heading to. Uvita sits on the northern fringe of the Ballena Marine National Park, which boasts a protected coral reef and a neat little island that you can walk to during low tide. In winter, whale watching is at its best off the shores of Ballena Marine National Park. Ballena, in Spanish, means whale, and as such, the park takes its name from these majestic creatures. Admission to Ballena Marine National Park is just a few bucks at most, and if you want to camp here, it is very cheap as well. If you are interested in visiting this beautiful area of Costa Rica, there are a few ways you can get here. You can come by rental car from San Jose and from the airport in Quepos, or take a bus from either Quepos or San Isidro.

Of course, once you get to Dominical Costa Rica, you are going to probably need to find accommodations. If your budget allows, you might choose to stay at one of the Dominical resorts, or at a Dominical luxury hotel. Those with a tight budget will surely appreciate the bountiful options for budget lodging at Dominical, perhaps the most popular being the Cabinas San Clemente. This hotel caters to different budget levels, actually, and its beachfront location and popular restaurant are largely responsible for its success. If you want to stay at one of the Dominical resorts, you might consider the Hotel Villas Río Mar, or the popular Hotel Roca Verde. While these Dominical resorts are not overly extravagant, they are among the top choices for a Dominical luxury hotel. You will be surprised at how affordable the rates are at both, as you can generally expect to pay no more than $75 a night at either during the peak season. The Hotel Roca Verde might just be the best beachfront Dominical luxury hotel, while the bungalows at the Pacific Edge hotel offer prime views from a ridge above the city. There are also vacation rentals in Dominical, many of which are homes that rest in the surrounding mountains. Dominical real estate is getting hotter by the minute, it seems, and those looking to secure their own, private accommodations here, will come across some very tempting choices.

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Swimming, surfing, sunbathing, whale whatching and long strolls on the beach...

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