Costa Rica Eco Resorts

When it comes to the Costa Rica resorts, undoubtedly some of the most unique are the eco resorts. The Costa Rica eco resorts give visitors to this stunningly beautiful country the chance to immerse themselves in an environment where natural splendor abounds. Ecologically diverse, and able to exhaust your camera in no time, Costa Rica is a land of many wonders. When you book a stay at one of the numerous eco resorts in Costa Rica, you get the chance to truly escape from what you know as the real world. Deadlines, gridlock and monotony are thrown out the window, allowing you to find relaxation in a way you may have never thought possible.

If you are traveling to Costa Rica, you will have a variety of Costa Rica hotels to choose from. These hotels range in price, covering pretty much any budget. The same goes for the eco resorts in Costa Rica. Generally found off the beaten path, you can find an eco Costa Rica vacation resort that doesn't sacrifice the comforts you might be looking for. A good example of this is the Laguna del Lagarto eco lodge. It is nestled in a rainforest at Boca Tapada, in northern Costa Rica. An ideal retreat for rainforest lovers, it is also a choice lodge for bird-watching enthusiasts. A lush jungle will often be the setting of an eco Costa Rican vacation resort, and for those who love the water, you can also find a spot within reach of a pristine Costa Rica beach. Near Limon, the beachfront Amapola Lodge offers all-inclusive packages that won't break your budget. Backpackers, students and groups will find that the Amapola Lodge also offers special discounts with them in mind. If you want to stay near the renowned Arenal Volcano, which is a delight for sure, you can book a stay at the Eco Lodge Resort and Hotel. Known for comfort and service, the Eco Lodge offers an array of packages and features a list of exciting eco tours.

Some of the Costa Rican eco resorts were once science and research centers, and all of them take great care to leave little impact on the environment around them. When you research the different options, you may quickly realize that the bulk of the eco resorts in Costa Rica restrict their number of guests to a pretty low number. At the Osa Peninsula Eco Lodge, they only allow 12 guests at a time. It is one of the more affordable Costa Rica eco resorts, offering the option to stay in one of the main lodge rooms or the slightly more expensive deluxe cabins. The remarkable Sabalo Eco Lodge, found on the Osa Peninsula as well, also only allows a maximum of 12 guests, and your experience there is sure to stay with you forever. The idea is that the animals were there first and that mankind in great numbers can adversely affect a healthy and natural biosphere. That is part of the charm of these sometimes hard to reach Costa Rica eco resorts. You can find utter tranquility and witness the wildlife thriving all around you, from howler monkeys to tree frogs, and so many creatures in between.

From the capital of San Jose, it can be difficult to arrive at some of the eco resorts you may consider, such as the Sabalo Eco Lodge, but if you have a spirit of adventure, you can enjoy a number of eco-activities once you arrive. Swimming in a unique water hole, spending the better part of the day hiking through lush environments, mountain biking and horse riding are just some of these activities. More often than not, when you choose to stay at an eco Costa Rica vacation resort that offers packages, they will include transportation to your destination after you arrive on your flight to Costa Rica. This is basically true of all of the Costa Rica resorts, be they luxury resorts, beach resorts or fishing resorts. If you are renting a car in Costa Rica, you can sometimes deduct a bit of your package fee and the resort will provide you with the necessary directions to get there. If you are lucky enough to secure accommodations at the impressive Inn at Coyote Mountain, and you are driving, do yourself a favor and rent a 4x4 for the drive in. Due to the relatively remote locations of some of the eco resorts in Costa Rica, your meals should be included in your package price. Some places offer meal plans for an additional fee.

From the Pacific Coast across to the Caribbean side, Costa Rica eco resorts can be found. Once you've found a few eco resorts that most pique your interest, you can book your stay online, or you can directly contact the owners to ask any pertinent questions you might have. As stated before, the range in amenities, accommodations and so forth will vary, so you'll first want to check your budget and decide on the kind of experience you want, then you can narrow down your selections. After that, it's all about deciding when to go. If you are torn between two or more Costa Rica eco-lodges, or the one you want is booked full during the time of your Costa Rica vacation, there is no grand need to worry. You can always choose a most agreeable option and come back again in the future, which you will likely want to do.

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