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Planning your Costa Rica holiday is half the fun of visiting. Whether you want to go flying through the mists of the jungle canopy or experience surfing at its wildest, taking a holiday in Costa Rica gives you so much variety that you won"t know where to start your adventure.

The dry season sees the most tourists enjoying their Holidays in Costa Rica while the off-season has the best rates on Costa Rica flights and hotels. This country has developed in popularity in the past 20 years for having some of the most pristine jungles of Central and South America.

Costa Rica holidays can consist of a simple 4x4 rental as you set out with a good map to explore this country"s ecological wonders. Monteverde Cloud Forest, the country"s many rivers, Arenal Volcano, the Nicoya Peninsula, and Tabacon are some of the places that has the most visitors on holiday. Costa Rica also has cultural artifacts as well - the many sizes of perfectly shaped granite bolas near the western coasts are remnants of a culture, which still has an influence on the natives in the area near the Caribbean.

For visitors who want to enjoy the sights but want to take the work out of sightseeing, taking Costa Rica tours offers them an opportunity to see all the top spots without having to do a lot of extra research before their Costa Rica holiday. Whatever type of activity you enjoy, there is a part of the country that will suit your needs. The Pacific side of the country has protected coves and inlet and waterside Costa Rica Biological Reserves, while to the north the Tabacon Hot Springs is an incredible place to see the red glow of mount Arenal.

Surfing and Scuba diving are popular water activities at Tamarindo Beach. The excitement of possibly catching a swordfish entices travelers to try the deep-sea fishing while they"re on holidays in Costa Rica. The pacific coast has warm steady temperatures and does not get the strong winds and torrential downpours of the Atlantic side.

If you don"t know how to swim and surfing, diving and Costa Rica fishing does not entice you, both the west and the east coast have warm, beautiful beaches and bustling waterfronts to explore on your Costa Rica holidays. Costa Rica is a relatively safe and extremely affordable country with dozens of airports. Once you plan your itinerary, you can choose to begin your adventure in whatever part of the country most interests you.

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