Highway 32 connects San Jose to the lush, spotless Caribbean beaches of the Limon province. Only eighty miles east of the airport, this area is also home to the famed Tortuguero National Park, and miles of perfectly preserved rain forests that stretch right up to the warm Atlantic shores. The capital of this region, Puerto Limon Costa Rica, is a perfect stopping point in one of the most geographically diverse areas in all of Central America. Whether you want to explore the swamps to the North, the domineering mountains to the south, or the warm, turtle-laden beaches that are the area"s main attraction - if you love nature, you will never run out of things to do Limon Costa Rica.

Perhaps the most underdeveloped major city in Costa Rica Limon still thrives around its gritty port capital. Columbus first landed there in 1502, though for many years the main visitors to Puerto Limon Costa Rica were pirates, who used the tranquil waters as a convenient hideout. The port town seems to have changed little in the meantime - one trip amongst the city"s hunched and humid streets and it seems perfectly reasonable to expect to still find a pirate flag flying amongst the ships in the harbor. But that is just part of the ebullient charm of Puerto Limon Costa Rica, a city still enchanting despite its lack of aesthetic appeal.

Some say that the beaches near Limon are not quite as beautiful as others found along the country"s coastline. But that is not really a knock on the city"s seaside offerings - lounging on the beach is still the top recreational activity in Puerto Limon Costa Rica. But the city"s real appeal is its location. The perfect setting for the nature buff, the diving, snorkeling and surfing is the some of the finest on the country"s Caribbean coast. Just yards away from the white sands lies the sprawling prehistoric rain forests, a wonderful diversion when the weather is dry and one of the most impressive things to do Limon Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the area gathers more yearly precipitation than almost any spot in the country, though that will be unlikely to deter those seeking the lush forests offered throughout the area.

And when you want a break from the bustle of the city, one of the most popular things to do Limon Costa Rica is to grab a spot in Vargas Park, near the city"s drooping seawall, and take up the sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding hobby of sloth spotting. Though well camouflaged, they like to hang out near the city"s main marketplace, the Municipal Market. Many delightful examples of Costa Rican food can also be found here, with street vendors offering fresh tropical fruit that is beyond compare.

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