Manuel Antonio Beach

Manuel Antonio Beach is located within the Manuel Antonio National Park which can be found about 100 miles south of Costa Rica's capital city of San Jose. Manuel Antonio Beach is the most popular beach of the park's three beaches. This beach is arguably the nicest beach in Costa Rica and is frequented by tourists, as well as natives, because it offers restroom and shower facilities, as well as picnic areas and drinking water. The area is also known for its gentle currents, making it a perfect spot for swimming.

This beach also offers picturesque views with its white sands, and it is situated amongst dark green foliage and a cove, off-shore islands, and the presence of a small coral reef. An abundance of wildlife adds to the tropical paradise nature of Manuel Antonio Beach. The area boasts the presence of Capuchin, howler, and spider monkeys, scarlet macaws, toucans, and iguanas. However, tourists should beware of the presence of Capuchin monkeys, which have a reputation of stealing visitors' picnic food.

The surrounding area of Manuel Antonio Costa Rica was a small village that has turned into a popularly exclusive area for tourists who wish to experience the tropical paradise that the park and beaches offer. Visitors who choose to stay in a Manuel Antonio Beach hotel get magnificent views in an exotic setting. Staying in a Manuel Antonio Beach hotel can get pricey, though budget hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica can be found off of the beaten path and closer to the beach.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is an ever-popular destination in Costa Rica because it epitomizes Costa Rica's lure of being a tropical paradise. Visitors, especially those who experience that pleasure of staying in a Manuel Antonio Beach hotel, get the complete package of rainforest, wildlife, surf, sun, and sand.

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